17" TFT Monitor - Opinions Please.


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Hercules have got a 17" LCD with DVI out now. Dunno a price yet, but their current 15"er is pretty good. Looks damn nice too, in deep metallic blue.


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I've been dribbling over these things too.
There was a big review of LCD monitors in PCPro last month - might be on the website - http://www.pcpro.co.uk. Here are a few quotes:

"It isn't helped by being based on older TFT technology. This gives it poor viewing angles compared to those based on Super-IPS panels.
Despite this handicap, the H711 was the best performing analogue only monitor in the real-world tests, putting the CTX and Lite-On screens in the shade. Especially impressive was its performance in the 3D game.....however the analog input took its toll in the sharpness and resolution tests.." yada yada

The best value award went to the NEC Multisynch LCD1700NX - bit more than that Hansol, though - annoying, as the list prices are similar.

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Thanks for the replies.

I read the PCPro write up too. The Hansol was priced much higher there, about £500 or so I believe, so at £365 incl. VAT it's in the price bracket it belongs. I may be wrong, but the H711 in that review doesn't look the same as this one. New version? Specs look a tad different too. PCPro put the response time at 40 - 50 ms I think, but the blurb states 25ms. I'm either gullible or need glasses.:)

I am going for it as a 17" TFT at that price is rare, especially in silver.

Performance should be ok. I know it won't be a killer picture, but the price is a big bonus.


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Yes, it's a great price to be sure. Let us know what it's like. Must admit I'm tempted to get one with a DVI connection, as I have a Matrox G550 with the appropriate output ready to go!

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As my graphics card doesn't have a DVI out it limits it a bit. I know I should be thinking of the future, but it's the money I have now that's determined what I can have.

I've just been up to our local Comet to look at a few TFT monitors. Ok, so not ideal but it gave me a good idea of what I'd be getting for my money. They had a good Iiyama one there which I found at www.insight.com for £501 instead of £598! However, £365 + £9 p&p for overnight DHL is my budget. From looking at about 10 other sites the Hansol is normally about £430+ or so.

The Iiyama is this -


It has d sub and DVI, front panel input selector, speakers, a tidy look and good spec.


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Too much unfortunately.

I do know however that the Samsung monitors are well regarded.

So I'll have to stick at £374 all in.


Does indeed look like a very good price for a 17" TFT.

But regarding DVI input, I have a Philips Brilliance (15.1TFT) for the last few years, which has both VGA & DVI inputs.

The difference when using DVI is major :eek:

& I mean MAJOR.

Far clearer text, pin sharp resolution & colours look far more vibrant.

Games aswell really benefit with DVI.

So all I can say is the lack of DVI is a serious issue. Most graphics cards now come with DVI, costing as little as £60 for Radeon.

So think again, it may be better go the extra few £s for DVI.

Just my 2p, as I've lived with TFT with DVI/VGA. The difference is huge!


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I swear blind by Samsung monitors.

I was looking to buy a 19" TFT a couple of weeks ago and was nearly swayed into getting a samsung model but in the end plumped for a 19" CRT (the syncmaster 957) with a .20 dotpitch!!!! for about £200 inc del.

If space is not a premium this monitor is the one to go for.
Picture quality is superb.



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I'm currently using a iiyama Vision Master 1451, 19" CRT, cost me £185. You'll not get a better pic than CRT still, but it's a mighty brute.:)


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Staples have a 17" TFT for £299 inc VAT advertised in todays Daily Mail

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Best price I've seen too. Dabs had a value AOC branded one for £352.
The fact that the Hansol is also silver is another reason I went for it.

Matches the pc I'm building don't you know.;)

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The CTX had been brought to my attention. Thanks.

I'm sticking with the Hansol.

3 year onsite swap out warranty rather than RTB. Plus a buddy of mine isn't keen on CTX and prefered the Hansol.

I can't complain, in the end it's not expensive and will do the job.

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