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17" mikomi, beko or jvc????


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Hi all,

newbie here about to take first steps into the lcd world *gulp*. looking for some advice from you professionals.

i'm looking for a low cost 17" w/s lcd around £250 -£300 from the high street. to be used in my 2nd lounge, mostly terrestrial tv and DVD's including NTSC DVD's. will be used a reasonable amount.

i'm looking at the beko @ £250 from tesco, here.......

or the mikomi @ £250 from argos here....


i could spend an extra £60 odd quid for a new JVC LT-17C50 at £315 at a local shop here......

any thoughts? is it worth me paying the extra?

cheers in advance.


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cheers spidey.

may well look into that as the co-op have just sold the last jvc. am still tempted to pay a little more for a decent make though.

whats the sound on it like? tinny? also, specs state that it has a hdtv decoder. without sounding too much like a donkey, i assume this means it can pick up hdtv resolution when available.

will pop into currys later me thinks :)


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Check out the Wharfedale 17 inch widescreen with digital freeview tuner for £300 at Argos. There have been a few good reports in these forums. The first one I bought had dodgy sound after about 20-30 min, but to cut a long story short (it’s in another post if you’re interested!) I bought a second one yesterday which seems to be OK.

For its price I think the picture (on freeview) is really good. Sound is a bit tinny (even when working correctly!!) but you can’t really complain for a small telly at this price.



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Not had any problems with my Wharfedale which Ive had for 3 months. I'm very pleased with it. As for quality, it is meant to be a rebadged Toshiba 17WLT46...
My brand loyalty-o-meter thinks you should go for the JVC one simply because it might have less chance of breaking down.

BUT! I haven't had experience of the "lesser brand" electronics (sorry to use a pompous phrase but I can't think of an equivalent) in awhile so take that with a pinch of salt. If it's "only" 60 pounds though (which in the world of LCD TVs isn't a huge deal) I'd go for it.

Edit: Oh, and the JVC one is the only one that guarantees you the 1366x768 (true 16:9) resolution. The BEKO one doesn't specify a resolution and to my eye looks like a 15:9 panel.


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cheers guys!

well, i purchased the wharfedale from argos, brand new and not repacked as has been previously experienced by others.

have no complaints with the set apart from a little light leakage top and bottom. my only real complaint was with the blasted sparkys who wired up me extension 6 months ago. supposed to connect new co-ax to existing aerial and left it all in a coil in the rear attic instead of the main attic!!! when i tried to tune it all in didn't recognise anything!

disappointing thing was i hooked the tv up to my other tv points and must admit was very disappointed. my portable upstairs receives a far better reception! analogue was extremely grainy/blocky and digital was ok but signal was far too weak giving sound pops and blockiness. my area , unfortunately, is on the "fringe" of two antennae's and receives a pretty weak signal! looks like a little work and probably a higher gain aerial required. ah well another couple of hundred quid to spend!

as i said befor i'm a bit new to all of this. is there a decent aerial type i can have installed that will give a much better digital reception to what i have? i.e one that will obtain a good signal in a poor reception area???

will appreciate any input from anyone who has a similiar problem.

cheers for the replies btw.


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I live in a dodgy signal area primarily due to being down a hill and there being a row of very tall trees a few hundred metres away. An aerial installer fitted an digital wideband high gain aerial a few moths ago, but it was useless for freeview. Some internet research later and I came across a Televes DAT 45. I’ve not tried putting links into this forum before, but if it works check out:

I have started using TLC Direct and found them very good. I ended up buying this aerial, plus a 10 foot pole from Maplins, and a large mounting kit to lash it to the chimney (but I can’t remember where I got the lashing kit from now!).

A very scary few hours on the roof later and I now have a good freeview signal! Both my Panny Plasma and the Wharfedale LCD give good pictures, no blocking...or pops on the sound etc (the Panny has a better picture but what do you expect for nearly ten times the price :) ).

I suppose an aerial fitter could do it, if you can find one that will fit such an aerial…but I invariably find if you want a job doing…do it yourself!


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