17" 4:3 TV with 16:9 mode button???


Tony McG

Does anyone know who makes a 17" 4:3 portable TV with a 16:9 mode function you find on Sony 14" portable TV's?

My main TV on my digibox is widesreen but the TV connected on RF2 is 4:3

I need a 17" because of restricted space and cannot find any 17" with the functionality of the 14" Sony

Even tried loooking for some "black box" which does it but they don't seem to exist.


Try some of the European makes as some of them had a 16:9 function to allow viewing of the PALplus broadcasts which were around until recently.

Makes like Thomson, Ferguson (second hand), Philips, Scheider and Grundig are worth checkng out.

You would need to check individual menus on the sets to see if the function was there.

I have also seen one or two VCRs with 16:9 settings - again from the European brands, but also from Daewoo.

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