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    Tried to play two DVD's with Mpeg soundtracks the other evening and got no sound using a DV79 and AVR300 with Digital coaxial interconnect.

    I informed Arcam and was told that AVR300 cannot decode Mpeg audio and that the DV79 cannot convert Mpeg to DD bitstream so must use analogue interconnects. :eek: When I complained, I was told that I would not find another DVD player on the market that could convert the Mpeg to Digital bitstream except for my old Tag DVD32R at £4K. :rolleyes:

    Enter the Denon 3910 which was at my home awaiting Demo. Replace DV79 with 3910 and still use digital interconnect. Place DVD's in machine and "hey presto". Full stereo sound issueing from the AVR300 with the Digital bitstream indicator alight in the window. The Denon then played another two DVDs (this time backed up on DVD-R Ritek G-05 dye) that the Arcam went brain dead over!! :eek:

    All I can say folks, is that the Denon 3910 is NOT as bad a machine as some on this forum have tried to make out!! :oops:

    Gerald. :thumbsup:

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