16' x 9' Dedicated room or 33' x 16' Lounge for PJ?


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I've currently got a Panasonic AE200 and 106" screen in my lounge which the whole family thinks is fantastic. We've got planning permission to build a big extension on the side of our house which will give us a lounge 33' x 16' plus the existing lounge of 20' x13' that will open into it. The whole room will be painted in light colours and whilt my AV stuff will be tolerated it doesn't look very pretty (amps, 7 speakers, 2 servo 15s etc).

Given the choice would it be preferable to section off a room at the dark end of the lounge about 16' x 9' in size. I'd then have total control so carpet on the walls and dark matt colours would all be ok. Looking at the various 'my cinema' threads I've sort of decided on the dedicated cinema room. I'm just wondering if anyone has gone against this sort of set up in favour of being able to show movies in much larger albeit compromised space.


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My 2c............... Definitely go with the dedicated room............... in a family environment it makes a huge difference for us to have a dedicated room...... if I (or daughters etc.) want to watch a movie, the normal run of the house is completely unaffected. It also allows full light control so if I want to watch a movie in total darkness during the daytime, it doen't mean turning the lounge/sitting room/"pick your own name for it" into the black hole of Calcutta. In the evenings, if the family is watching TV, someone else can watch a movie in peace elsewhere.

From the technical point of view, a dedicated room allows you to set up your projector screen etc with far fewer compromises, and the dimensions you suggest wil allow you 2x screen width seating for a 7' wide screen - near ideal for the AE200, I'd say.

Good luck with your project,

Sean G.


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Thanks Sean. That's sort of what I was thinking. I've got a Draper Luma 106" screen and currently sit about 1.5x width away from it so 16' should allow me to be about 1.8x width away from it depending on the seating arrangements. The Panasonic will get upgraded in a year or two so I don't mind using it slightly beyond its limits for the moment.


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My dedicated room is 16' 6 long and 9' 3 wide and it works really well. I just wish it was a foot or two wider.
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