16:9 Resolutions from Scalers


Mr Pink

Simple question! Is there a relatively cheap scaler/de-interlacer (Pro-V price) that can output 16:9 resolutions? I would like to use one with a SANYO Z1 ie 960x540 panel.

I have checked specs on the Pro-V and some of its clones, but they only seem to output 4:3 resolutions. I did spot one, can not remember where, but it only accepted an NTSC signal.

Now I know that HTPC is the way to go and it is something I will get into in the future, so maybe we can try and keep away from that subject in this thread please.

Also, these units seem to have analogue TV Tuners built in, which I am not really interested in! Surely a digital tuner would be better! Is there such a thing???


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Mr Pink,

the link doesn't seem to work. Could you give the name/product number of the unit so it can be searched for on the site?


Edit: Ok think I've found it - is it the CSC1200T?

Mr Pink

Sorry C, but it was Badger that posted the link, not I!!

Your right though, the links doesn't seem to work for me either, and also 720x480 is 14:9 and not 16:9 by my calcs. Is that just a typo Badger?


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Oops - I presumed that link would work, must be something to do with the session

anyway it is the CSC1200T

720x480 is what the site says and would seem an odd resolution, as VGA monitors are predomimantly 4:3 and any WS projector is going to be 16:9.

Somone needs to buy one to confirm what it does I guess


Mr Pink

This is the sort of thing I am looking for...


... as specs state the it will output 852x480 @ 60Hz (which I work out to be 16:9 ratio). But, as it is an American product, it only accepts an NTSC signal.

There must be a PAL unit somewhere out there that can output 16:9 resolutions (ideally 964x544 to match my SANYO), but as yet I have not found it!!:(

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