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16:9 Resolution from a Shuttle PC

Discussion in 'TVs' started by unrealrocks, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. unrealrocks


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    OK, got my new TV and as I watch alot of DivX movies ;) my plan is to use a shuttle because this will allow me to watch them easily and not have to mess around burning disks - same with MP3s!

    My question is, untill you get into higher resolutions (not usable on TV encoder chips) all the resolutions are in 4:3, and with a 16:9 TV. Isn't this either going to strech a picture with huge black bars or end up with the sides not being used (kinda pointless having a 16:9 TV).

    I've found this program called TVTool which seems to have all sorts of options, one of which is in the overlay options which allows you to select an aspect ratio ... will this work? If not, how do I do this?

    (The Shuttle will most probably be an SK41G - this has the Chrontel chip in)

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