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16:9 recording on Non RAM discs (-/+R/RW) on Panasonic DMR-EX75/85 is it possible


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Is 16:9 recording possible on -/+R/RW discs (non RAM discs) on Panasonic DMR-EX75/85. Would like to be sure it's possible before I buy

Panasonic Manual states "Programmes in 16:9 format are recorded in 4:3 format. 16:9 format is used to record to RAM.

That sounds vague.

Is it true that 16:9 can be recorded but 16:9 flags are not, so you have to set TV to 16:9 (wide) manually on playback (of recorded -/+R/RW discs) to view correct 16:9 picture/format. If this is the case I cannot understand why it is never indicated in any Panasonic manual (or many DVD recorder manual).


Is it true by setting TV to 16:9 (wide) when playing back recorded -/+R/RW discs (on Panasonic machine), all you are doing is stretching a 4:3 recorded image (not getting true widescreen).

This is important issue to me as I would like to play back true widescreen recording on other DVD players owned by friends and family (who do not have RAM enabled DVD players).

As a side issue will connecting the DVD recorder via HDMI connection have any bearing on the above (as the DVD recorder may preset aspect ratio and not allow you to change it via TV)?

Thank for any info (getting fed up waiting for Panasonic to answer my questions).



Your first scenario is the correct one.

What is recorded onto the disks is the same in all cases... Irrespective of settings or disk types.
It is only the flag that is not copied.

Therefore you can get a correct ratio picture by controlling your TV manually.


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Thank for that.

I do not understand why brands like panasonic, sony and philips do not indicate that all disc used on their machines can be recorded in 16:9 and you have to set the TV to widescreen to view correctly in ther user manuals, rather than saying 16:9 is not support using certain types of discs (+ format in Sony/philips case, i think).

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