15m DVI - or 15m VGA + Converter or....


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Hi folks,
the title says it all really!!

I want to run a cable from PC to PJ.

(13m would do, but can't seem to find a supplier that would do either VGA or DVI in a bespoke length).

I've read that DVI is not recommended over ~5m, but alternately I've read people saying they've this kind of setup working. At £40 for the DVI cable, it seems an expensive gamble.

I've an Optoma HD72i PJ and a Dell XPS (read : beast) PC with a GeForce 6800 PCI Express Card with 256Mb memory.

(All other sources are being funnelled thru a Yamaha V657 (outputing on a 'single' Component cable to the PJ).)

This is the last piece of the puzzle before all the wires, etc, are tucked away - so any help appreciated.



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Hi the Kramer 6020 DVI-D Single Link over Fibre optic cable would be guaranteed to get you a signal from your source to your destination. £369+ VAT

The problem with using copper is that there are limitations in distance which are dependant on how high the resolution of the signal that you are sending - ie you can't send a UXGA signal as far as an XGA signal, and is also dependant on the stability of your source. DVI signals are prone to jitter and completely disappear (cliff effect) if the jitter becomes too much.

Fibre avoids this problem, although for HDCP encrypted signals, it is again distance limited (100m) due to the necessity of sending part of the signal over copper.

Kramer offer a 15' copper dual link cable for £29 + VAT

Both the above solutions only apply to DVI-D (digital signals)

Joe Fernand

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Hello Heebson

As Chaucer says 15m is a long run - no matter if your using Digital (DVI) or Analogue (5x75 Ohm) cable.

If your lucky the low cost (£40.00) DVI cable may work - ensure whatever cable you order can be returned as its 50/50 you'll get an image on your Projector.

A BetterCables Display Magic II DVI cable will work in your set up - though your looking at a UK SRP of £199.95 for a 15m cable; see http://www.bettercables.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=22

VanDamme Red Series VGA cables can be assembled at whatever length you require - though again your looking at approx £140.00 for a 13m cable.

Best regards



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As Joe says, you may need to spend quite a bit on a cable for a run of that length.
I've just tried out a 15m HDMI-HDMI made by Molex (cost £50) and the picture was terrible.
I'll be sending it back today.


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Hi Joe,

Well it looks like a pucker cable - the end plugs are covered with a moulding stamped Molex.
The details written down the cable are: C623 E74020-C AWM STYLE 20276 80C 30V VW-1 DER AN HDMI if that is of any relevance.


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Thanks for the replies guys.

Those cables look extremely expensive options. My setup is not based around the PC, so really need to think about cost-benefit (occasional game, surfing and photo-viewing).

One thing that did cross my mind was a booster/amp. Yet again the DVI versions are v. expensive (I can only really see a Gefen model starting @ £140), but I see there are some VGA one's for ~£35.

Anyone any experience of using these?

I guess the corollary question is : will I see much quality diff from DVI to VGA?


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