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Oct 10, 2010
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Hello all. First of all, I'm new in all this projector thing, I'm an passionate audiophile, and after that kind of a videophile so to say, i like to see a really good picture. I had an Panasonic ST60 plasma, so i know what a good picture is and I'm used to it, especially the magic of that plasma panel, that almost infinite blacks, contrast, color accuracy and saturation, very realistic almost 3d felling that it gives you, no motion blur, viewing angle etc. Ive seen better only on OLED TVs. I used it as a PC monitor, mostly for movies and PC games, i don't watch TV at all so the projector would be used the same way basically. It is very important for me when it comes to the projector story that there will be not much motion blur, like on old LCD TVs for example, i don't expect plasma motion blur specs, but i would not like to see much of it. There were some input lag but I'm not a hardcore gamer so it didn't bother me, also i can make my room to be almost completely dark with no lights, so screen glare from the glass that covers the panel didn't pose a problem. I especially say that my room can be all most all black with no ambient light because i know that is very important in the projector field. So you probably got the point, I'm used to a very good picture quality all ready. I know that i wont get that with a projector especially not with this one, maybe not even the half of that quality, but I'm moving to a bigger room, so I'm willing to sacrifice picture quality for a 150% larger diagonal and about 500% larger viewing area for watching movies and playing games mostly.
The planned room is about 4 meters wide and 6 meters long. I know it is not a perfect room size for watching a 150 inch screen, and that a 120 inch would be a better option, but in an less then an year ill be moving to an even bigger room, so that's why I'm going for a 150 inch screen now, and by then ill also maybe upgrade my projector to a better one, or a year later, when 4K ones fall on price, who knows.
I plan to buy an full hd projector, my budget is MAX 1000eu for the projector alone (and 400eu for the screen). First to say that i made an effort and i read allot about projectors and different types, i mostly got it, but i still don't get the big difference in different types like 3lcd and DLP, like i get the pros and cons of an LED and Plasma TV, but that's probably because I'm new to the story and didn't see in person much different projector types as i did when i got in the TV story. I also read about screen types, but that topic confuses the bejesus out of me, so I'm kinda lost about screen types . By that i mean screen fabric types, besides that i (mostly) get other things, especially acoustic transparency. I kinda get screen gain. I know Matt white is default type with full viewing angle and gain 1.0 is default, but as i will say in the next part, i don't really have much to choose from, and that's why I'm making this thread.

I chose Epson EH-TW5350 (850eu) mostly because i read allot of reviews of it as a best buy, also it got 5 stars on what hi-fi and an award. The biggest issue for me is that I'm from Serbia, and the offer and choice for projectors is very poor. The supplier will have to order TW5350 especially for me and ill have to wait 10-15 days for it to arrive, because he does not have it in stock. Popular projectors on sale and in stock that are full hd here are BenQ W1090 (730eu) and W3000 (1650e), which is waay over my budget, ad least i think it is not worth double the money for what i read in a review here, one- two stars more in testing and 20-30% better picture. Also there are projectors like Epson EH-TW5210 570eu, Optoma HD27 680eu, BenQ TH683 670eu, Epson EH-TW5300 670eu, BenQ TH670 610eu, EPSON EB-U04 736eu. And that's about all that is in stock here, for everything else you have to ask, but for about 70% they say they cant get it, i got really lucky to find a supplier that can get me the 5350 one. What i really don't get is the throw distance, ad least what is the main factor in it is it the brightness or what, and if i need to zoom in, how much will i loose in picture quality.

The main reason I'm starting this thread is not because of projector choice, because i think i cant go wrong with 5350, although any suggestions on that are welcome if some of offered ones are better for my situation. Or if anyone knows any projector up to a 1200eu max that is worth the extra money, so i can ask the supplier if he can get it please say, i would be very much grateful.
The main reason is the screen. There is a market for projectors, but there is absolutely no way to get screens here, especially that size, because i want a screen that is electric and 150 inches, i asked many sellers and no one can get them. I looked online what are the options. There are two options, aliexpress and amazon UK, and the two ones on aliexpress are basically the same screens Matt white both are gain 1.0, with delivery about 315eu.
I never ordered anything from aliexpress, i have been to china and they are good people, but i have my doubts about the quality of the screen and fears about payment, delivery etc. The amazon ones are Matt grey, Matt white and both seem absolutely the same as the Chinese ones, so i think they are just reselling their products, but in UK there is a Matt grey option that i don't know if would benefit the picture, and also, very interesting there is an fiber glass one, for which what i get is basically a Matt white with higher gain 1.1 or 1.2, but again on pictures and also on setup pictures it seems the same as the Chinese one (same pictures same projector screen ad least that what it looks to me). The description for all three are very confusing and are the same. The only seller that i found that is currently shipping to Serbia is Platinum, and a review on a Matt white one said it is very bad quality.. But again if it is the same as Chinese one, i don't really have much choice.
The Amazon UK ones would be around 80-100eu more expensive (the Matt grey one is the most expensive and the Fiber Glass is the cheapest), but i get to chose from Matt grey to fiber glass, if it would benefit the picture enough i would be willing to pay that extra, also i trust more in Amazon UK for delivery than Aliexpress and its faster (7-10 days Amazon, 15-25 days Aliexpress).
This is a very big and difficult decision to make, especially when I'm new in all this. Both UK and Chinese ones look the same, so im pretty sure the UK seller is reselling the Chinese one. With the UK i get to chose 3 options of screens and have more reliability in delivery, but have to pay more, on the other hand, maybe the Chinese seller also has more options of screens with different gains, where did the UK seller get them if there is only one Chinese option.. and he probably didn't list it as an choosable option, or i don't know how to communicate on that site and didn't try to ask.
3yrs ago i was also looking for projector screens on amazon UK and there were tons of sellers with all different kinds of screens from different materials and different gains sizes etc, but i cant find them anywhere now :( maybe I'm not looking at the right place.. The American amazon does not ship to Serbia. I have some experience with amazon UK, as i ordered sunny recording glasses from them, so i kinda know how communication works, but i have no idea how it works with Aliexpress, also how delivery works and how reliable it is. And i just keep looking at those pictures, i can swear they seem like the same projector screens!

I'm really sorry for such a long post, but this is a very important decision that i have to make in about 10-15 days, and i really need help from pros like you guys! I hope this was not too long to read i know it was boring and i didn't really write connected, but thanks in advance for all of you who read this and help, or reply anything in that matter.

So to sum it up, i plan to buy a projector, it will probably be Epson EH-TW5350 as it is best buy from what i can find here. I have a room that is about 4 meters wide and 6 meters long, that can be very dark, so ambient light is no problem, and my budget for projector is 1000eu, but if any of you can think of any other projector that is max 1200eu, and is really worth the extra pay i can ask my seller if he can get it for me so please share, and screen 400eu (500 max).
The biggest problem is choosing the right screen with right specifications and from a right seller. If any of you more experienced than me know where i can find better offers for 150 inch 16:9 electric screens that ship to Balkans, please share, this is all i could find. I will post links what i found below, and sorry for the giant aliexpress links
Again I'm sorry for such a long post. Thank you all in advance, every reply will help! Cheers and best regards from Serbia!

first chinese one

Quality 150 Inch Motorized Projection Screen 16:9 Matt White HD Projector Screens 3.32x1.87 Meter With Wireless Remote Control on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group

second chinese one
HD Electric Projection Screen 150 Inch With Remote Control 16:9 Motorized Wall Mount Projector Screens For 3D Cinema Office on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group
Matt Grey UK
150" 16:9 Matt Grey motorised remote control electric: Amazon.co.uk: Camera & Photo
Matt White UK
150" 16:9 Matt White motorised remote control electric: Amazon.co.uk: Camera & Photo

Fiber Glass UK

150" 16:9 Fiber Glass motorised remote control electric: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics
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You need to get a demo.

You may want to consider a used JVC with your budget.
Thanks for replying! But sadly there is no demo option for projectors here. I will try to explain it, but first i will say the point of the topic, and what is the most important info i actually need, else is bonus really.

Well see, that's the biggest problem. There is no way to get demos here for projectors, except going to the cinema, especially for a projection screen, since it is not even sold here. So its not like choosing audio component, like if you want to buy speakers, you go with your amp or seller comes with the speakers to you, so you can see if they "mach" your taste. OK, that's not really that comparable but it makes some point..

Oglasi za prodaju projektora - bimera 1. strana

The way how projector market works here is like these: there is an site for buying/selling stuff (
link above for projectors its Serbian i know but just for reverence) where everyone can post all most anything, like eBay but not an auction site. On that site 90% are normal people selling stuff, but 10% are registered "firms" or even just people who are not registered as a firm, but do usually do mass reselling, like buying up a mobile phone, then reselling it for a bigger price on a much bigger scale, like 50-100 adds at a time and over 500 positive reviews, so they do it big and on that scale it surely takes them at least 4-6 hours a day, as i said as a main or a side job. The unemployment rate here is abnormal and minimal wage is below 200eu so people do anything they can to get extra money or just to get money.
Sorry for big explanation but I'm trying to explain and make anyone who is not from here or in vicinity of here understand how things work because i know most people don't know how thing here are, mostly because most things everywhere else in Europe are all most completely reverse, especially EU countries and Americas etc. I have a brother that lived in EU (he cant get me a screen or a projector i asked) and when i go there its like another planet, everything reverse, everything is like its supposed to be, but here sadly not.
So lets get back to how projector market works. As i said, there is this site, and on that site there are a few (3-4) people, two are registered as a firm and sell all kinds of electronics like computer hardware etc but projectors also which they get probably like they get other electronics, they have their suppliers, they get stuff in larger quantities and resell them for a higher price.
other two are smaller sellers individuals not registered as firms with lots of positive reviews ofc, who also sell all kinds of electronics from computer hardware to TVs , but projectors also, the probably get the projectors because they live close to a border with Hungary, Romania or Bulgaria, which are EU countries, and occasionally go there and buy them in small quantities or if somebody asks for a specific one, then ressell them for a higher price ofc. The warranty for all of them works the same, its the original warranty, so if something goes wrong you have to send it back to them and wait for their supplier, or for them to go back and replace it. There are actually abnormally high number of people who sell TVs that they get mostly from Bulgaria at a much lover prices that they are in stores, it was a big boom 2015-2017, there were around 30 sellers who did that, and the TVs were new in box with warranty everything the same as in store but 20-30% cheaper.
So when i was looking for a projector, i found those sellers, and the way it works is i see what they have in stock (or posted as an add because even if they post it they don't have it on stock and need to order it first), and if i they don't have some model that I'm searching for posted, i ask them if they can get it, they check if i guess with their supplier or if it will benefit them and reply. I think that is why none of them want to try and bother to get me a projector screen this big or even smaller there are no adds for even 100 inches, it is just not practical for 20-50e max that they would get to drive a 2-3.5 meters long package over the border. Again I'm sorry for long posts but I'm trying to explain and bring to life so to say as much as i can how it works here to people who are not from here and have absolutely no idea, so you know with what problems I'm dealing with and what my realistic options are.
So my hands about getting a demo, especially with a screen are practically tied, and i have only few options of getting the screen itself.

So, back to the main problem and why i opened this thread. I can get a projector, i choose Epson EH-TW5350 because from what i can get here it seems like a best buy, but there is absolutely no way i can get an projection screen unless i order it online to be shipped here.
The only option for a demo is that i find someone that has a full hd projector and a proper screen. Sadly there are very little people here who have full hd projectors and proper screens to begin with, not to mention almost non of them can be found on local forums that are very low populated so to say there is no av forum here there is a forum for audio with sub forum for video but 90% of people have TVs, also they live all over the country, so its hard to ask and to go and demo it like that, but ill try searching a little more, every demo would be worth, but i cant go to other side of the country for that..

I know this forum is the best on the net for AV, so please if you can help me with the projecor screen problem i would really appreciate it! Current options are in the first post, but if anyone knows any other options for getting a screen that ships world wide please share! Thanks in advance! Best regards
edit: i forgot to click POST on the previous one :O

OK so after a LOT of reading and very little options, i came to conclusion that Matt Gray is the best bay to go, so i will order that one with 0.8 gain from Amazon.UK. 150" 16:9 Matt Grey motorised remote control electric: Amazon.co.uk: Camera & Photo
That one. What is screen gain? "However, the videophile looking for the optimum image quality in a home theater environment will usually want to opt for a low gain screen." that sentience basically made my mind, i had a plasma and i absolutely love the deep blacks and high contrast, so if lover gain deliverers that, I'm going for it! But still this worries me a little "With a lower power projector the whites are not quite as bright as with other surface greys, but dark tone appear much darker." that is from the description of a posted above. I hope TW5350 is bright enough but then again i can get a brighter one if that will be an issue. I also leaned that i basically cant order online and have THAT BIG package shipped here i asked at the post they would not allow it to past customs its 3 and a half meters wide.. So i got why suppliers here cant get them, also it got me relay :( BUT i have an opportunity for someone to get it here, and it is very tight on time limit.
I would really appreciate any comment on this topic right now because i have an great opportunity for someone to receive the package in Austria, and bring it here by a Car. So a quick and straight forward reply would be much appreciated. Also i don't get the delivery system, i read the page, and it says what is posted below but i don't get where Austria stands, also the person who would do it is coming next Thursday may 25th so it should be delivered by the 24th.. please anyone reply THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

Standard Shipping

Shipping Time

excluding handling time
Unit Price
Price Per Order

Netherlands, Monaco, Luxembourg, Ireland, France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany 3 - 5 Days £0.50 / Kg £17.45
Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece 5 - 10 Days £0.50 / Kg £32.50
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You need to get a demo.

You may want to consider a used JVC with your budget.

I agree about the demo, but would caution against a used JVC as he has mentioned motion blur and older JVCs in his price range tend to suffer in this regard.

I also think that 150" is probably too big for the projector to light up properly, so all the talk about picture quality could be moot if it's just to dull to enjoy properly. Regardless with this budget, even with a room fully blacked out with black decor I don't think it is reasonable to expect anything close to a plasma in terms of contrast. That's not to say the image (at a suitable smaller size) wouldn't be good, but just trying to set some expectations.
First of all thanks for reply!
Sadly as i said, there is no way for a demo, or ad least a very very small chance.
As i said, I'm not expecting anything near plasma quality, even LCD from 2008 quality, nor LCD Led quality, but proper quality that can be enjoyed and I'm trying to get the best from what i can get. I'm aware that i will loose much in terms of picture quality with the projector option, but i expect it will be watchable.
How do you mean moot? Like blurry? Sorry but i don't get that term.. when i google it only 4chan founder moot comes up xD You mean 150 inch is too big for the projector i choose to buy? Maybe some other projector option that has better light output (up to 1200eu). Or maybe save up for W3000 or something that is class above what i chose? What is the recommended specification for a projector Brightness for 150 inches? (if it depends only on it, whichi guess it does not)
Now the main problem is the screen, because i will get it soon probably, for projector choice it is variable and can be changed. I hope for more replies that clear up for me what you said (that the projector wont light up 150 inches properly). Thanks!
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Sorry 'moot' just means 'subject to debate, or argument', you'll sometimes see it incorrectly written as 'mute'. What I was trying to say is that with such a large screen and budget projector, it will struggle to light up the screen, so it'll be harder to see the picture quality if the image is too dull.

150" is a big size screen and to light it up well you will probably need a projector that is well above budget. You can buy screens with higher gain, but these tend to cost more and also have their own issues such as hotspotting (brighter in the middle) or visible texture.

I'm sure there will be users running a 150" screen with a low output projector, but since you can't demo I feel it's better to aim for the usual standards (typically 14-16fL reflectance off the screen). It is easier to dim down the image if you find that it is brighter than you prefer, you can't make it brighter though.

Using the Projector Central calculator is comes up with a figure of 15fL for a 150" screen, however this doesn't take into account lamp dimming (allow approx 20% after the first 100 hours which is typical for UHD lamps). It also is taking Epson's figures which will likely be for a non accurate mode, so it's usually fairer to take around 25% off that figure at least.

Therefore after the first 100 hours and in any kind of accurate mode you may well be down to 9fL which is well below the typically recommended figure.

Reduce the screen size to 120" (still a big screen especially compared to most TVs) and the figures would be approx 14fL which is much closer to the usual target figure of 14-16fL.

This is the calculator I was using. You can input other models to compare and just slide the screen size to see how much brighter (or not) they are on your proposed screen.

Epson Europe EH-TW5350 Projection Calculator - Throw Distance and Screen Size

Remember to reduce the stated fL figure by 40% to allow for lamp dimming and the use of inaccurate modes for the light output.
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I agree about the demo, but would caution against a used JVC as he has mentioned motion blur and older JVCs in his price range tend to suffer in this regard.

I only said that as he mentioned black levels and most people notice that more than they notice an image that is less than 14+fL - how many people thought they had a bright image only to find they were getting 5 to 7fL when they checked it with a light meter?

With his needs, budget and no means to demo, it makes it tricky to recommend an ideal pj. DLP might suit him better than any LCD tech, but he might suffer from rainbows and will probably need an ND filter to help with the black levels (reduce RBE) and trade of some brightness.

I'd be inclined to get the pj first and project onto a wall to get an idea of screen size etc, and then look at what type of screen suits - matt white may be better, but with light walls a grey screen works better but at the expense of image brightness.
OK things just got a lot more complicated. The person who was about to bring me the screen ordered the wrong one and i got this one instead:
NIERBO 200-INCH Portable Porjector Screen Full HD 3D: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics
I wanted motorized but what the hell.. the biggest problem now is the size. As far as the screen goes, i read some reviews about NIERBO custom made screens, and a lot of them were positive. I got the basic one Canvas PVC Matt White. I read allot that Canvas is very good material for diy projector screens. Nierbo also offers some 3D Silver Metallic UHD one which is more than 3 times the price (i don't even know if mine is 3d). It says it is made out of Metal Material, i don't know how that affects picture quality overall, and it says nothing about gain, but I'm guessing that it has a very large gain, maybe 2.2 even. I just don't get why the metallic one costs 4 times more over the regular Matte White one. Gain is 1.1, i go by the logic that on aliexpress for that same one it says viewing angle 160 not 180 so i think there is some gain in it.

Anyway, space got limited now, when i have 460x240cm (view area) screen to deal with, so i have to reverse my screen position. It cant be by my 4 meters wall as i planned (i will be viewing it from around 5 meters, but the projector cant go that far due to some room limitations), it has to go against the 6 meters wall. That means that i will have about 4 meters max for throw distance, and that changes my projector needs dramatically. I'm will probably go for Optoma GT1080 DLP as it is a full hd budget short throw projector. It seems decent, price is OK around 750eu new 2 years warranty, and its a gaming projector with very low input lag, and i will play a lot of games, more than watch movies so that is important, but it cant even properly lit 200 inches. I'm not gonna go for 200 inches now, but when i move to a bigger place i would like to, so that worries me a little. Also that talk about lamp dimming after 100 hours of use. I googled it and didn't find much. On one hand it seems logical to me that the lamp dims over time when it wears of (that's all i found on google), on the other hand i go by my audiophile knowledge, new speakers need to "soften up" for about 100 hours to come alive and sound as they should, so I'm kinda confused. I know here are professional people about AV, and I'm very thankful for Kelvins reply, but I'm kind of skeptic about that. For calibration i understand, default values even on a TV are rubbish and need to be changed, and that changes the brightness too, so when i calibrate the projector properly it will probably lose some of it's brightness. So its seems logical to me that i should take 15-20% max of the calculator figures, not 40%. But then again I'm new and am still learning, you probably have years and years of experience. Don't get any of this personal please just saying my logic and opinion, even when i know I'm probably wrong.

Also I'm a little worried about the screen itself, it has been wrapped in shipping due to size, so it has noticeable lines. They say they will disappear over time when you hang it and wrap it tightly enough. There is another problem. The viewing area of the screen itself is 240m long, there are black bezels with holes for hanging that are roughly 10cm, and my ceiling has a 260m height. I plan to mount the projector screen on a custom made metallic stand that would be all most the exact height as the screen (+2,3cm i guess), and hang it with ropes. The plan is that the metallic stand will not add much more cm to the height, and i will see that it is perfectly custom made for my room, but i never had experience with projector screens, especially the ones that need to be hanged. I only know a person that makes stuff out of metal so he can do it by
exact measurements. If anybody has any better idea about hanging the screen please suggest! Again it will be very hard to squeeze it to the height of my ceiling. But there is still the issue with the lines, so some stand that would wrap the screen tight enough for ad least a few weeks is a must i think. I don't really plan to remove it from the stand, expect for when i move out etc. Also it says it is washable, so i don't know if that is needed and how that is done. Anyway what do you guys think, will it straighten over time when i hang it tightly enough on a metallic stand or there is another way to get rid of the lines?

Also i know it is mostly irrelevant now, but if somebody knows, please explain why the metallic version of the screen is so much more expensive, and also share your general toughs about the quality of the screen, if you had experience with such screens and comment on anything that you think will be useful for me.
PS i know some of you will say return it, i asked the person (friend of a friend of my mother) to return it, and he wont do it, says it was enough that he dragged it here..
Thanks for the replies so far! Regards!
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The 100 hours bit is 'break in'. I've owned 6 projectors which I calibrate myself and each one has had some amount of break in over the first 100 hours or so. Some more than 10%, but it's a typical figure I've measured. It's also one of the reasons that it's better to wait until 100 hours is up before getting a professional calibration done (as well as to avoid any early failure problems and wasting a calibration on a failed projector of course).

You could research on Cine4Home reviews where they measure batches of projectors. You will typically find that the non accurate modes (as used in the advertising brochures and on the calculator I linked to previously) are indeed often 25-30% more than the accurate/calibrated mode.

UHP lamps are typically deficient in red output, so you have to reduce the green output to correct the greyscale, which in turn reduces the light output. This is different to TV calibration as you usually have plenty of light output (since the screen size is fixed of course). Just because you want the projector to have a higher output doesn't mean it will; I'm just passing on information that I've learnt and suggesting sources for you to research for yourself.

I'm not even sure of the Optoma can fill a 200" screen from your throw distance (have you checked the owners manual on line?). It will certainly be very dim, unless the screen has a lot of gain (it doesn't specifically mention gain in your link so I would be inclined to assume nearer to 1.0). Not filling the screen will leave a 'grey' border round the sides (due to overspill and reflections from the room unless you have very dark walls/ceiling decor), so perhaps making up some kind of masking to cover the unused area of the screen might be worth thinking about?

The metallic version of the screen may have some gain properties, which means a different coating, so that would justify higher costs. The screen you have got is very budget friendly, but it is possible to spend much more on a screen: Some will say that they aren't worth the extra cost, but they certainly exist and having now had three screens (I recently changed to acoustically transparent) I feel that a good, flat and texture-less surface is worth paying for.

For the price paid I'd just treat it as an experiment and if you end up buying something better later on then it's not like you've lost much money on it: You will need to get it evenly tensioned and hopefully any wrinkles will come out after a short while. I made a wood frame for my AT screen (I bought the brand new/unused material from the forum classifieds). This material is typically pretty expensive, but it has still taken me a few attempts to really get the surface smooth. At least you have grommets to tension the screen through (mine is simply nailed to the edges of the wood frame, so I've had to take nails out to re-tension it).

A couple of pictures of my screen in build:

I wrapped the front side of the frame with black velvet material (as AT screens are semi transparent):
Screen 5.jpg

This was after the initial installation, note the 'waves' on the left side highlighted by the downlights:
Front view.jpg

More recent installed picture after the final re-tension:

Front of room TV mode.jpg

And just incase you wondered how I use it with the projector (the TV goes down into the cabinet below). I have black velvet curtains that come out each side to reduce reflections back to the screen, but notice how the ceiling/pelmet light up (next on the list for velvet treatment). I turn the red lighting off when watching films of course:
Front of room PJ mode exit lights only.jpg

Hope it all works out for you. :)
Sorry for such a late reply, i was out of country. KelvinS1965 great job at the screen build, it looks solid and as i read that is important so that the screen has no wrinkles and is tightly embedded to the wooden frame. After ALOT of hard work i managed to convince the Vendors to replace my screen, they only accepted that i get the screen the same size, and they have 5 different types of screens. Below is a link to all 5 types, but I'm most interested in these two Soft PVC Gray-Black and Metallic PVC Silver 3D Projector Screen. The seller which ships it from China claims that the gray one has a gain of 1.2 and the silver one has a gain of 1.5. Also I'm not sure if the gray one has the same benefits as matte gray screens, better contrast etc, but my room will be completely dark so no need for light absorption. On the other hand, i read some opinions and tests of silver screens, and almost all of them come to the conclusion that the metallic one is the best combination of matte white and matte gray, great picture quality, high contrast as Matt grey, only issue is the viewing angle, but i would be at the dead center of the screen so that would pose no problem for me. I also read allot that Silver screens are great for 3d projection, witch i don't need really. What confuses me the most is that the seller claims that, and i quote "you said you don't use it for watching 3D movies, so I advise you to order the SR3 series screen to get a better picture, the SR5 series screens are good for 3D movies but not the best choice when you don't watch 3D movies." The manufacturer is Meseven. The other manufacturer Niebro from Ali express (paradoxically they have almost identical screens and pictures) claims that the silver one gives best picture quality of all the screens they have, especialy for 3d projections, and that it has a gain of 2.5 so that is also confusing, and i think it is more realistic that a silver one gives 1.5 gain, 2.5 just seem too much. Now I'm confused, i read all over the web that the silver is the best combination of both matte white and matte grey, and see allot of people diy painting their screens in silver for better contrast etc, but the seller itself tells me it is only good for 3d? Personally i tough to go with the Matt grey for better contrast (still not sure if it is actually a matte gray screen and has those properties), but the gain that the silver screen has is something i cannot ignore. As i plan to use the new generation Optoma 1080 Dabree projector with 3000 lumen's, and when the break in comes and calibration, I'm counting on 2000 lumen's, so the extra gain would be more than welcome for lighting all 200 inches when i move to my new house in the end of the year where i will have much better room and viewing distance for those 200 inces, also when the lamp starts to dim. I would really appreciate any suggestions about the matte gray and silver screen that i can get in exchange, i need to make a decision in the next week or so. Here are the two types of screen that i talked about

Home Theater Soft Gray Black PVC Front Projection Screen Curtains Projector Beam | eBay
72-200 Inches PVC Metal Gray Silver Projection Screen Curtains for 3D Projectors | eBay
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