15-pin D-Plug to Scart Wiring Diagram Needed


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Having asked elsewhere in the forums I still have a problem connecting up my new pj and a/v equipment.

I own a brand new Sim2 Domino 20 (NOT the H model) and am delighted with it.

As part of my Scart switching setup, linking all my a/v equipment, I have a "Keene Scart Commander", a quality component, about a year old. All my eqipment is rigged up so that they output in RGB. As well as having one TV out Scart, it does have an Aux out socket by way of a 15-pin D-Sub socket, termed a "15 pin HD Connector". This provides a secondary buffered output of the video signal present at the scart output socket. The idea is that whilst maintaining your standard output to your telly, you can connect the 15-pin socket to your pj/plasma etc.

Some time ago I asked Keene to let me know the pin connections for my old Seleco 150 SVT pj, but never got round to wiring it up and in any case my new pj is connected as follows: -

From the Commander: - From the 15-pin D-plug to a JS-Technology "RGB to Component (YUV) Converter box" into it's scart input. From there (via three 11 meter quality screened cables) connected to the box's 3 RCA Component (YUV - Y Cb Cr) output sockets to the equivalent input sockets on the Sim2.

Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any sync going into the PJ as the picture is split and cycling, a phenomenon I have seen before on my Seleco, so I think it is a sync problem. BTW I am utilising input 4 on the Sim2 - YCbCr 15HZ.

However if I utilise the TV scart output by unplugging the scart plug going to my tv and plugging in a fully-wired scart to scart into the commander's tv output socket and the other end into the scart input of the converter box, all is well! and all my devices project very well though the PJ.

Clearly the wiring in the Scart to 15-pin D-plug cable is defective.

Here is the rub.: -

The cable I acquired from my dealer was quoted at £135! I managed to get this reduced to £80 but flippin heck, I thought it would work! It was put together by www.chord.co.uk and were highly recommended by my dealer. It came in a fancy looking box with tissues but with no documentation, other than what was quoted on the box itself and whilst I looked at it with surprise before leaving the shop, the components did not jump out and hit me with quality.

However I am assured that the 15-pin d-plug output from the Commander - http://www. keene.co.uk/cgi-bin/codesearch.pl?KSC will work, only I do not know the pin connections. Without taking the d-plug apart it's difficult to know what pins have been used so far - indeed one of the screws on the plug appears to have stripped as it's neither in or out - faulty? and at this price?!! - but the pins on the scart which have been deployed are: - 5,7,9,11,13,15,17 and 20

In the literature that came with the commander it says: - "Please note that no signal conversion takes place within the commander so the input signals would need to be compatible with the 15pin HD input on the display, (usually RGB or Component). 15 pin end <> Scart pins 15,11,7,12,10 (RGB) plus 10&12 (H&V sync).

My plan is to return the Chord cable as it's clearly faulty/not made up to my specifications.

I have the necessary cable, scart and 15-pin d-plug and just need someone to advise me which pins to wire up. The documentaion on the commander seems confusing as I would have expected 8 pins to have been quoted - 2 each for blue, red and green and 2 for the sync (and not 5) unless the commander does not output any sync - in which case what is the work-around? Interestingly the Sim2 has a sync socket, but I don't want to trail a further 11 meter component cable from the pj to where? - there is no equivalent output on the converter box, particularly as a standard scart to scart works well.

The positioning of the gear is behind a lot of stuff so swapping the scart cables when I want to output to my PJ for instance is not an option plus I want to make everything automatic.

I want quality but £80 for defective stuff, I ask you? - sheesh!

Any help advice would be greatly appreciated




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Jeff - that was extremely helpful and very coincidental.

Yesterday a friend and I wired up a 15-Pin D Plug to Scart Lead for use between the Keen Commander's output (15-pin d plug) and the JS Technology RGB to Component Converter Box (Scart) as follows: -

!5-Pin D Plug end Red pins 1 + 6 Green pins 2 + 7 Blue pins 3 + 8

These were connected to the scart as follows: - Red pins 15 + 13 Green pins 11 + 9 Blue pins 7 + 5

This left the synch to deal with.

After speaking with Keene's engineer, we took a connection from another scart lead going to the TV (from pin 19 video cpmposite out incl sync + pin 17 ground) to the scart plug going into the converter box (to pin 20 composite video in incl sync + pin 17 ground).

After reconnecting - we had fantastic results from all my a/v equipment (all of which are set to output RGB signals) apart from one of the outputs from a DVDR Recorder/Player. This is connected via 4 x BNC connectors (Red Blue Green + Synch) and a small mini-jack for the status signal. These connections terminate in a standard Scart which in turn represents one of the inputs into a scart switch box. I use two scart switch boxes, the Keene Commander and a Quattro for the other.

When playing a Pal (region 2) dvd, no problems. When playing a NTSC (Region 1) dvd, then a slight vertical synch problem emerges, when playing back via the BNC connectors.

Playing the same NTSC dvd from the Recorders scart output, results in perfect quality, although the video image as viewd on by the PJ, is inferior to the image, when connected via the BNC connectors - my preferred connection from this device. NTSC playback on my TV whether via the BNC or scart output sockets is perfect.

As I understand things, RGBs is the signal from all my devices but the 15-pin D Plug cannot output this form of signal, only RGB h+v, the type of signal emmited from a computer say - hence the need to get the synch from another source - in my case from the TV scart out lead, coming from the Commander.

So why the slight problem when playing back an NTSC dvd through my recorder/player's BNC sockets through the 15-pin D plug? Is it something to do with the frequency of 50hz when playing a Pal dvd as opposed to 60hz when playing a NTSC dvd, with the composite synch getting mucked up with the higher frequency? Or is it something else?

Is there a solution to this problem or have I to put up with playing back NTSC dvd's though a standard scart connection?

Your help Jeff is greatly appreciated once more as I reach the end of my installation, prior to trunkating all my cables.




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I'm scratching my head on this one.

What does concern me with your setup is that you have up to 3 devices in the signal path and all the cables and connectors that link it all together.
You must be losing some signal quality with these converters.
I can't help thinking there must be a simpler, easier way of linking all your sources to the projector.


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I have around 8 devices all of which are plugged into one or other of the 2 swiches and one of these acts as a slave the other as the master which is the Commander, which in turn feeds the TV. The only way I can output to my pj is by utilising the 15-pin D Plug on the Commander, otherwise I will be swapping the scart output leads for ever more, which does not fit in a fully automated system.

My dealer, recognising that the RGBs signals could have been output straight to the PJ, suggested in the longer term a RGB to Component converter, and feeding the PJ with high quality Component leads, which is what I'm doing.

Yesterday we tried in vain to feed the PJ with a composite (incl synch) signal from another scart lead adjacent to the DVDR and utilising this rather than the sync from the DVDR, but this messed things up completely.

So I have a slight problem when playing a NTSC dvd via the DVDR's BNC outputs, but in the bigger picture of things (pardon the pun :) )it's a small problem, as otherwise all the other outputs give fantastic picture quality - it's just that the BNC's give an even better picture. My DVDR has a VGA output, capable of outputting a Progressive Scan Output - it's limited to NTSC dvd's if playing copy-protected discs though. This may be a solution, but getting these signals into the PJ will mean another expensive lead making up and it will only be good for NTSC dvd's and those that I record myself.

Given the Sim2 converts it's input signals to Progressive anyway, will I notice any further improvement if feeding it with a Progressive input as well?


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