15"(ish) LCD for Kitchen


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I am after a new widescreen LCD TV for my kitchen and followed the link in the sticky at the top of the LCD forum!

However, my requirements are very different.
I dont need a "flip-down" as the counter-top has no cupboards above it for the TV to go under.

10-inch is a little too small. We have a large kitchen so a 15" or larger would be more appropriate, in order to see it from the cooker.

I also dont need built-in DVD or radio.

I just want a quality 16:9 LCD from a reliable/reputable brand.

Connection sockets required:
Aerial RF
Computer VGA
RGB Scart
Component would be nice, but not essential.
I'm hoping that I could get something descent for say £400-£500?

If there is another thread which discusses this, then please point me to it as I couldn't find it.



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I'm looking at the LG 17" w/s at the moment - see my thread below :

Looking for a widescreed LCD panel for the bedroom - thinking of this LG RZ17LZ50:


Doesnt seem a bad price for £280 ??

Anyone got any feedback before I purchase - will be driven with a video sender via scart in the bedroom.

Thanks in advance



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I like the size. 17" will fit just nicely
I like the price too! much cheaper than I had budgeted.

Can you check your link? it doesn't appear to be working.

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