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15'' DIY Tactile Transducer finished


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As said in previous thread when I had the time I'd make another TT and show wot I'd done. I've used an old 15" driver that came out of an Eltax sub.
The pics are pretty much the same as the previous diy job, but a bit more detailed.
On the last build I came up with a few questions, one of which Ive answered as a result of this build. In one of the pictures I have fitted mounting bolts to the rim of the speaker chassis, but on the final version, seen in another of the pictures, I have gone back to fitting them half way between the centre bolt and the chassis. I found this to be more effective when I lifted the TT up by the chassis mounting bolts and then the halfway bolts, the latter giving a much stronger and clearer vibration.
The metal strips again came from Wickes, I've used the more flexible mild steel as opposed to the Ali on previous builds. I also over sized all the holes so that I had enough adjustment to make sure the centre bolt was dead centre.
As you can see in the sofa pictures I have screwed a plank along the inside of the frame, having this run the full length instead of a short mounting plank means the vibrations travel better, on the previous mountings I have found the middle seat can be too powerful when the outers are just right, the full length plank gives more of a Goldy locks affair.
Don't be too upset by how badly made your sofa is when you look inside! Wot you can't see.....
Over all this is better than the last sofa mounted TT I made, it's much clearer and more responsive, whether thats due to size/construction/mounting I don't know but I am learning from my mistakes!

As with previous thread I don't mean to teach people to suck eggs, just think this is an easy/cheap way to really enhance home theatre.


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