14 Day Strap Exchange with Apple

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    I have no idea if anyone knows this but you can actually set up an exchange for your Apple Watch Strap

    I remember reading somewhere that the swap had to be within the same range so effectively only allowing you to change the colour. Earlier today I contacted Apple and they've charged me for a new strap and sending out the Leather Loop in black, once I receive the new strap I can then decide which one to keep

    The Milanese Loop has a 5-6 week wait but there is nothing stopping you swapping out bands just before the return closes so it refreshes with the new band you have allowing you time for that strap to arrive in stock ;)

    I was also told that because I purchased the Apple Watch with the Classic Buckle and if I wanted to purchase the Sport Band the Buckle price would be refunded. This is a great idea if you no longer like the expensive Apple straps and have found a much cheaper alternative :) set up and exchange to get the sport band and send that expensive strap back, you'll only be down by a small difference!

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