12x12 Home Theater Room recommendations for equipment & Purpose


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Researched and researched but creating my own thread to see if there are brands, ideas I haven't found or though of.

Room is 12x12, setting the room up from audioadvice.com.

Probably have 2 recliners seating approx 8 ft from the front wall for the proper back clearance.
I can do as much as a 7:2:2 and probably what I'll shoot for.

Important factors for building the room.
  • Immersive Surround sound stage.
    • I'm building this for movies, possibly gaming if I can figure out how to get an optimal screen for both gaming and movies.
    • But building, if playing a first person shooter, I want to hear every detail, and know exactly where the sound is coming from
    • Meaning if somebody is coming from the 1 oclock to 12 oclock, you know exactly where they are.
    • If they are circling you it's like being in the room hearing the foot steps and you accurately can detect where the are all away around
    • If somebody is parachuting in from 10 oclock the system can get the accuracy vertical and horizontal accurate.
    • The irony is I'm not sure about how to do a screen for movies and gaming but I figure if I get something capable of achieving immersion for gaming then it will do well for movies.
    • The above assumes the latest gaming console which support Atmos and DTS:x produce accurate sount.
  • This isn't about being overly loud either. Looking for the effects and clarity at low volumes that don't leave your ears ringing or head hurting and then able to escalate the impactful things.
What I'm considering and I would appreciate any insights on a better value if you have it but not cheap sacrificing sound and what I'm trying to accomplish. Speakers are recommendations from a local source but seems there may be packages out there for a better value.

Integra 5.4 (This seems like the best bang for the buck and top of my list.)
Arcam AVR21
Anthem 1140 -
Have to make sure the latter two support HDMI 2.1 and have enough powered channels so I'm not adding an amp.

Martin Logan
Motion 20i or 40i

Motion 30i or 50XTi

Sides & Rear
Martin Logan FX or FX2

Still looking but possible Motion MC6 or IC6
600x x 2

I've had Elac suggested as well.
970DF52 ELAC Debut F5.2, ea floorstanding speaker
970DOW42 ELAC Debut OW4.2, pr on-wall speakers
970DC52 ELAC Debut C5.2, ea center channel speaker
970DA42 ELAC Debut A4.2, pr Dolby Atmos effects speakers
970ICD61 ELAC IC-D61 in-ceiling speaker
with 946SB1KPBA SVS SB-1000 Pro, Black Ash Sealed box subwoofer 12" 325W

I've read some pair the insignia with Focal speakers.

Ideally I'd like something that would be optimal for movies but also can adjust to the proper size for gaming. Meaning not to big requiring moving eyes or head to see the screen. But I'm not sure a projector would allow you to setup at say 100" and then adjust focus down to say 49" without a bunch of adjusting.

The only way I can think of is a pull down screen and TV mounted to the wall but assume a pull down 100" screen is going to cost more than I care to spend on a screen. But would love opinions and I'd go with a laser. I don't care for the screen door or grainy and I've looked at an $5k epson that I wouldn't spend the the money on because of picture quality.

It's either that or look for a 85ish" tv, and I assume OLED is the way to go here. But then you go into the box stores and see some of the QLEDs and question if they are good enough for half the price.

My issue with an 85" TV is it would be too large to game on. (Unless the sound stage was so good it allowed you to not have to monitor the HUD and such as much because of the accuracy.)

I have an older 2 seat recliner with a console in the middle. May use it but interested in any good deal on a two seat recliner out there if they are a good upgrade.

Apologies if I'm wrong and you can certainly still get some good advice on this forum but you maybe better off asking on AVS Forum as they'll probably be a little more familiar with kit available in the US.


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Regarding gaming and surround effect, I play a bit of Fortnite on my set up. Mine is 7.1.4 in an identical sized room. It works well but in terms of absolute accuracy and hearing someone’s footsteps etc. I still think headphones are king. I’ve spent some money on this as well…

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