12v trigger speakers & Projector etc


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I'm in process of setting up 5 Kef motorised speakers, they need 350ma each on a 12v trigger, I also have a projector lift, projector and screen all that can accept a 12v trigger....my amp will probably be a Yamaha 2067, which I think has 2 x 12v trigger......my questions

I want the amp to drop the speakers via the 12v trigger, any idea what sort of relay I would need, I have put in 3 core electric cable to each speaker, which ends up in the cupboard where the amp is going to be, space is not an issue....

I will also need some sort of relay (I assume?) to control the projector screen, projector screen and the projector itself, all will have 12v triggers on them already, the projector lift is a pure theatre with a 12v trigger add-on, the screen will probably bee a beamax in ceiling and the projector is a epson TW5500 (the USA version 8700UB)

Any advice greatfully received :smashin:

Thanks in advance


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