12v trigger on an HCPC


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I have a 5 channel power amp that has the facility to be put into standby via a 12v trigger, e.g. from a suitable pre-pro. Unfortunately I cannot afford the matching pre-pro (since it is £2.5K) and I am anyway aiming to use my HCPC to do everything that the pre-pro is supposed to do.

Is there any way of setting up an HCPC so that it can handle 12v triggers? I presume this would also be useful in the future for controlling projection screens etc. etc.



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How about this? I think it's for mains switching rather than 12V, but it may do the job (and a lot more besides - control lights etc too?). They may have other kits of a similar nature.


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Surely if you need to output a 12v on/off from a pc you can just run the +12 from the powersupply to trigger the switch.


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Did you find a solution to the 12v trigger problem?

Which method did you use, relay or direct from the PC power supply.

Has anyone solved this problem? Would X10 work?


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No - I have sort of given up on this one, since I didn't find an easy solution where I would have had confidence in not blowing up my power amp! If there is a good solution for this out there - I'd still be very interested.



I've seen a multi-way power block with a 12v trigger input- when this is activated it switches on the plugs.

Not sure where this is available, but will something like that do?


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Originally posted by KarlRobinson
Surely if you need to output a 12v on/off from a pc you can just run the +12 from the powersupply to trigger the switch.

That would probably do the trick, but the problem is you really need a delay mechanism of some kind in order to prevent a collosal "thump" when your soundcard is initialised by the O/S. Again, when you turn the PC off you really want the amp to have been off for a while already in order to not rape your gear and bust your eardrums.



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That's my prob at the moment. I built a 4 channel power amp for the surround channels, and added a relay to mute the outputs. This is triggered by the 5V rail from the PC. I've added a 555 delay circuit with the relay, so it isn't triggered until 10 seconds or so after the PC fires up. All well and good - but shut down is still an issue.

I'm still considering one of those PC controlled power relay boards, as I could then control lights etc too.


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Looking at the Cyrus web site, they have a power amp which switches from standby to on when it senses a signal. Would this solve the problem when connecting directly to a HTPC sound card?

Would you still have a "thump" each time the amp powered up?


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Resurrecting an old thread.

I presume that things have moved on in the past two years. Did anyone come up with a solution to the problem?



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This might provide a suitable option:

Masterplug Master Series Intelligent Energy Saving Extension

  • 8 socket extension lead with surge protection.
  • 3m cable.
  • Automatically cuts power to 5 slave sockets when the master is turned off. ;)
  • 2 sockets remain live for connection of fax machines or video recorders.
  • Includes telecom/modem/ethernet and broadband surge protection.
  • Audible surge alarm with power on/slave on indicators.
  • Ideal for small office/home office or audio video equipment.
  • UK £5,000 connected equipment warranty.


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My cheap solution

Keep the amp turned on
Mute the sound
No thumps and 5K will cover the increased electricity costs


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