12v trigger cable

I need a trigger cable to make my Rotel 1066 turn on and off the 1075 power amp. Any idea of what I need (or need to make?). I have some old PC KVM audio cables which are basically stereo 3.5mm jacks on the ends of a lead. Will these do or do I need mono plugs?

Any ideas? Don't want to spend more than a couple quid on this although I'm aware a Van Damme £150 trigger lead may improve the upper mid range of my system.:D


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I just checked the trigger lead which came when i bought my 1066 - 1075 combo and it is indeed a mono 3.5 to 3.5

But im sure if you wired just the end pole and decoupled the second higher up pole for safety's sake all would be well.

I'm mostly like going to have to do this once my two rb980's arrive.


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