12V solar outdoor lighting project

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Chester, Aug 27, 2013.

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    Hi all. I've decided to start a project which will rely on solar power to operate. My plan is just to start off with a few coloured or RGB garden lights in the flower beds, PIR triggered spots, perhaps with the option of leaving them on or even dimming, and the probability of a lot of growth to extend to the front garden, possibly a charging circuit for my bike's battery, USB charging points and LED strip lighting in the shed, and more.

    I know to start off with I'm going to need a solar panel capable of sending 10 amps or more to a leisure battery, and a charging circuit to manage this. I'll also need some lights to start the project and the means to control them.

    So far I haven't seen that many products to help get me started, and just in case I'm re-inventing the wheel I thought I'd post here. Any hints/tips/links would be really appreciated, and I'll happily share anything I find during the progress of this project right here.

    So at this stage I'm exploring possibilities in order to ascertain what's feasible within a reasonable budget (of which I haven't nailed down because I'm not sure what's involved).

    Thanks in advance for any helpful info... :smashin:

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