1280*720 DLPs and LCD

Too Tall

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I want a 720p native PJ after looking around at the £1400 to £2000 mark I decided on the Sony HS50 and have one on order.

Since then I've got a bit more money and started looking around to see what the next step up is. It seams to be a £3500 DLP (7205, H77), but £2000 seams a bit of a leap.

Are these 720p DLPs really £2K better? and is there anything in between?

Peter Parker

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The only way for you to know is to try and demo them. Projectors can be a bit of a personal thing, and what I might like, you might not and vice versa, so a demo is the only way to know for sure.

I prefer DLP myself, but I've not seen the new Sony, and that could be the one that changes my mind about LCD, so I'm hoping to get a look at one sometime.



The Benq 8700 is the lower half of £2k with a native 1280x720 HD2+ chip. I would recommend you demo a few DLPs to check you are OK with rainbows and any eye strain. It doesn't effect all people but it is very important when spending that amount. I will be ordering the HS50 in the next few weeks as it appears to be the best HD LCD available.


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It will likely be better, 2K better is maybe stretching things.
Since buyng the TX100 every person, to a man (brothers / nephew / friends etc etc), have been totally gob smacked by the PQ it produces. And this is a 1K machine. I personally can't wait to take the next step in a few years time, whatever that will be. I'm sure I'll tell the difference because of familiarity, but others won't probably notice that much. I think you'll be very happy with the HS50, or the 7205, or the H77 etc etc. If it were me though, I'd buy the HS50, and stash the 2K for the next upgrade. You may then appreciate the upgrade more...PJ

Too Tall

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Thanks guys. I've been using an old CRT PJ for the last 2 years. It's been fun but it's just too big.

I've seen a HS50 in action (at a friend of a friends house) and was very impressed. Better than my old CRT (after I'd played with it anyway :)

Any ideas on places near Milton Keynes I can demo a HS50, 7205, H77 or 8700?


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Not too sure about the Infocus pjs but try your local Sony Center for the HS50


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You're unlikely to find Sony centres with HS-50's in yet...

A thread on here about 3 / 4 weeks ago reported that many Sony centres didn't know about the the projector yet, and one or two even ststed there was no such thing!

Given the way the country has pretty much sold out of HS-50 stock, with more due in to the country next week (or so). I think it will be a while before your average Sony Centre on the high street has them in the window!


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Unfortuntunately I don't think you can demo the BenQ 8700 anywhere, I bought mine blind and am very happy with it, but I'd seem DLPs in the past and never had any problems with rainbows.

If I were you I'd try and demo the Sony and one of the DLPs and see which you prefer, then, based on that and how much you have to spend get either the Sony, the BenQ (£2400) or the H77 / 7205 (£3500) - of these two I'd probably go for the H77 as it's much quieter.


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