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There was another thread about 123Brackets but for some reason it has been closed.

As searching for "123 brackets reviews" in Google shows this post in number 1 position it's a shame it's not still open for people to add their experiences to.

Anyway I ordered a bracket for a 60" plasma yesterday and today received a bracket for an LCD TV up to 48"!

I thought I would let you know my experience so far and then update this later when it is resolved.

This is what it says on their contact page:
"We take pride in knowing that our customer service is of the highest standard. We have a team of friendly and highly skilled staff who are waiting to take your questions and queries and answer them as accurately as possible. They are readily available from Monday – Friday between the hours of 9.00am and 5.30pm."

This is the reality:
- I tried calling them at about 11am - no answer after a minute of holding on
- I filled out the contact form and said it was urgent that they send a replacement as I have someone due to come to my house to help me lift the TV onto the wall
- 2 hours later I had not heard anything so I tried calling again. This time they answered and asked me how long ago I had filled out the form. They then said that someone would be in contact shortly. It's now 4:30pm!

So customer service is not so great as you can see.

I'll let you know how this story unfolds...


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I just filled out another contact us form asking them to look at the previous one and they have now responded to the first contact form.

They have asked for the "code" on the box so I have sent them the bar code as I had already told them the product name that was on the box.


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Hi mate, so glad i saw this was contemplating using them to buy a bracket for my tv. I know what your saying with these big companies and their false promises of great customer service. Hope you get it sorted. Let us know how it turns out when u get it all sorted.
All the best.


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OK here's an update:

It takes on average 4 hours or so to get a response from them after filling out their contact form.

Their response was that I should ignore what it says on the box as the bracket WILL fit my TV and they showed me how to measure the VESA size.

I measured it and the bracket DOES NOT fit the TV.

I have now taken a more detailed look at the product page on their website and I can now see that it does show the maximum size for the bracket and it is too small for my TV but I foolishly believed their statement on the same page that says "FITS ALL 50" - 65" TVs".

In their defence it's probably hard to keep up with all the new TVs coming out but if they are going to make claims like that then I think it is their responsibility to make sure it's accurate.

I am now awaiting another response to see if I can get a replacement.

If you order the right bracket then they are a cheap way to get your TV on the wall though! Just make sure you check the dimensions and don't believe the statement above!


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In their defence i have ordered several brackets from these guys and their service has always been excellent, brackets always arrive the next day and the site seems to give decent info on the specs of each bracket which i have always checked before placing the order to make sure it will fit - I guess they should advise customers to check the relevant specs before placing an order though.


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Yes they should not say a bracket will fit ALL TVs. When they offer next day delivery they should also offer next day replacement IMO but they are taking forever to sort this out.

No response from them by 19:00 so I am assuming they will not get back to me before Monday now.
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Read this on sat after ordering a bracket for my new 50" samsung Plasma and reciving it on fri from tvbrackets4u....... looking at the contact us page on both sites reveales there the same company!!!!


I opened up my box on Sat and guess what? Wrong bracket....... Box states 30 to 48 inch and a max weight of 75kg.
I emailed them Sat and waited, today I got a reply from [email protected]

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for your email and information provided with you.

The 4 digit code that is on the box is a packing code which is different from the website code. Please disregard that information as I can assure you have received the correct bracket for your screen.

If you try to fit it to your screen you will see it is suitable.

The bracket supplied is a universal bracket so is suitable for various different screen sizes.

Generally the correct bracket is established by the VESA measurement and the weight of the screen.

As long as these two points are as required, the bracket will be suitable.

With regards to the information on the actual box this is as a general guideline and the information on our website is what you need to go by.

If you have any further doubts then please check the weight and the vesa size of your TV.

If they are within the maximum support and within the vesa compatibility of the bracket then the item will definitely fit and support your TV.

Please find the link below on how to measure the vesa size of the TV.

VESA Mount




TV Brackets | TV Wall Brackets | TV Wall Bracket | TV Wall Mounts | TV Bracket | TV Bracket Wall Mount

[email protected]

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 9AM - 5.30PM

I have measured the Vesa and it seems it will fit my Plasma and the weight is 23.4kg so it seems it will hold the TV.

Anything I should be aware of when fitting tips tricks etc......
Sorry to comparestore for the hijack just though it was relivent to your post how have you got on with yours?

Oh and on a plus note for tvbrackets4u there delivery is very fast I ordered on Thursday at 4.30pm and it came on Friday at 12.30pm :smashin:
Just make sure you check your Vesa and screen weight when ordering.


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Yes I got the same reply however the bracket DOES NOT fit my Pioneer PDP LX6090 as the VESA mounts are bigger so they just assumed it would fit and obviously didn't realise that the Pioneer has a larger VESA mount than most others of comparable size I guess.

Anyway the update is that I was out all day yesterday but when I checked my emails this morning they had not replied at all!

I have now sent a refund request as I am within the 7 day "cooling off period" plus the bracket is not fit for purpose anyway so I am awaiting the response.
Oh and I tried calling them and got a recorded message saying no one is available to take my call.

As a matter of interest if a product is "not as advertised" I assume they are legally obliged to pay for the return postage costs? Can I also insist that they arrange for collection as I do not feel I should have to go out of my way to take the bracket to a post office?


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OK finally got a response telling me that they were sending me a free returns label so I will have to go to the post office. I guess that was to be expected.

They have offered me an alternative bracket if I pay the difference but I am so fed up with their customer service that I have cancelled completely and will buy elsewhere.


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Just a post for anyone else googling 123 brackets and finding this if they are considering using them.

I ordered a bracket and it should have been delivered within 24hrs. I got an email to say it had been despatched. There was a link to the Home Delivery Network and the delivery number was included in the link but this said no details were available. I tried to contact them by phone but no answer. It didn't turn up so I completed the contact form. No response and I tried ringing again the next day but after several goes gave up. Eventually raised a Paypal dispute and have still had no response from them.

At best a terrible service at worst they've done me up like a kipper.

Now tempted to just buy one in the shops as it appears a lot of these cheap bracket companies are the same.


wish i'd seen this before ordering....
ordered a bracket on 27th ( a saturday) with 24hr delivery - so expected monday shipping, tuesday delivery.
they gave me a tracking number but still nothing.
dhl say they have entered it onto their system but not had it collected - why on earth would they print a label and then not bother to have it collected for 10 days? - the mind boggles.
so i sit and wait.....


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www.123brackets.co.uk review ***DO NOT USE AT ANY COST***

In 10 years of ordering goods online this is by far the most appalling experience I have been unfortunate enough to encounter. They have wasted so much of my time and continue to do so.

Firstly I would like to point out that the websites www.bracketsrus.co.uk and www.tvbrackets4u.co.uk both give exactly the same address for contact and returns as 123brackets.co.uk which is:

Unit 1
Queens Crescent

If you Google search ‘bracketsrus.co.uk review’ you will get an idea of the experiences customers have had from this address, which unfortunately is looking to be the same as what I am now finding from ‘123brackets.co.uk’. Here is one such link below:



I will now detail my own experience to date.

I ordered a wall bracket through 123brackets which, arriving 5 days after I ordered and not via next day delivery as promised, is not the bracket I ordered and has no instructions included.

I have now phoned the contact telephone numbers on their website in excess of THIRTY times and not one call has been answered.

They did however reply to e-mails I sent them. The replies were unprofessional, gave no indication that my e-mails had even been read and seemed to consist entirely of cut and paste replies - indeed I have an e-mail with exactly the same content as Starky 1977 in post 7 on this thread! This really just confirms it is the same person or people operating bracketsrus as 123brackets.co.uk!

After several time wasting e-mails they eventually sent me a pre paid label to print, attach to the incorrect bracket they sent me and return to them - guess what - I spend and hour and a half of my time doing this, filling in their returns form, travelling to the post office, queuing for 20 minutes and yes, you guessed it, the label was not a genuine pre paid label but in fact just a useless bit of paper!

From the start I was tempted to write off the money I spent here as I guessed (and have now been proven correct) that I would have to put in a large amount of time and some expense into claiming this back.

I decided however that if I did not fight for my money back and use forums such as this to inform others of the sort of experience I have had then they would continue to get away with what they are doing.

So, if you discover other reviews similar to this one, it is because I am now spending several hours of my time posting details of my experience on various review sites.

After this I will be contacting as many regulatory bodies and Watchdogs as I can to report this company, and looking at taking legal action against them to recover my money.

I hope this review will save others the misfortune of having to deal with companies at this address – if you are looking at buying a wall bracket online – CHECK THE ADDRESS TO ENSURE IT IS NOT UNIT 1, QUEENS CRESCENT, LONDON!


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Just got a bracket from them, it's damaged and the dimensions are different from what the website states..................oh ****:facepalm:


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Wish I had checked here first!

Received a bracket for my old Toshiba WLT66 the other day - next day as promised.

Unfortunately the bracket which mounted to the wall was at a significantly different angle to the bracket which fitted on the TV. This would mean having to mount the bracket on the wall at an angle to try and compensate.

Not happy with the quality of the product so emailed and asked them to send an alternative bracket. Not holding my breath for a positive outcome.

Was going to use them for my 42" Panny but will look elsewhere now.


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I was in a hurry to order a bracket for my 32 inch Samsung LCD so called them up first to get some advice & subsequently made a prompt order over the internet.

Order received today - wrong size & looks like a different product altogether!!!!

Tried calling them - no answer, so have sent an email. Outlook doesn't appear good.



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Still not had mine sorted yet. I've sent a few emails with details and pics, then all you get is we will pass it on to the after sales team and they will contact you. Then we have passed it on to the sales team, they will we able to deal with your requests........Bunch of F*<king cowboy crooks.



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Goodness me, I am probably the 100th plus person whos just read this thread and said 'OH ****, wish I had not ordered now'

I am setting myself up for the same crap, 'brackets r us' have sent me the wrong item which came through as 'next day' yesterday, I just dont understand how a business can send people the wrong item when they have clearly stated which item they require when ordering? I have contacted them via email @ 1pm today upon the advice of their 'receptionist'. I have not heard back! I think everyone needs to report them to watchdog to create national awareness of this shoddy company!

I am preparing myself for what I feel will be a tough ride!
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Goodness me, I am probably the 100th plus person whos just read this thread and said 'OH ****, wish I had not ordered now'

I am setting myself up for the same crap, 'brackets r us' have sent me the wrong item which came through as 'next day' yesterday, I just dont understand how a business can send people the wrong item when they have clearly stated which item they require when ordering? I have contacted them via email @ 1pm today upon the advice of their 'receptionist'. I have not heard back! I think everyone needs to report them to watchdog to create national awareness of this shoddy company!

I am preparing myself for what I feel will be a tough ride!

Good luck mate, still not had my money back yet.:mad:


still haven't got my credit card statement yet to see if they refunded the bracket the couldnt be bothered to send me - at least i can just do a chargeback


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Well www. 123brackets.co.uk are now ignoring both my phone calls and my e-mails.

I paid them via VISA debit and so have initiated the chargeback process. Unfortunately this requires the retailer have received the product back, and as they will not send a genuine pre paid label or arrange collection via courier this will have to be at my expense.

Therefore it seems the only way I will be reimbursed in full is by taking legal action and taking them to the small claims court.

To be honest it's not really about being fully reimbursed anymore - it's about seeing this outfit don't benefit financially and exposing them for what they are.

I have reported them to the Office of Fair Trading and the BBC's Watchdog. I would encourage others to do the same, as the more complaints that are received the more chance that action will be taken.

The link to submit a complaint to Watchdog is:

BBC - Watchdog - - Got a story

and the contact details for The Office Of Fair Trading are:

email - [email protected]

Post - Enquiries and Reporting Centre
Office of Fair Trading
Fleetbank House
2-6 Salisbury Square

There is also a link to report scams on the following page from the Consumer Direct Website:


Well I have done all I can now. I just hope others see this thread before ordering from any of the above websites.

Over and out
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Got my refund today :clap: 29 DAYSafter sending my first e-mail, quality service.....NOT :thumbsdow



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Oh if only i had listened!

Ordered a ceiling bracket last Friday the 18th, didn't arrive till the 21st - well saying that i'm at work so have only checked the tracking number.

Anyhow emailed them about delivery and heres is their reply.

Dear Dave,

Please note, unfortunately Saturday's delivery is not guaranteed.

70% of our customers do receive their orders on Saturday but we cannot give
you 100% sure.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience.



Now the website states otherwise.

Just hope they have sent me the correct bracket, and will try and update this thread when i know more.

Updated 22/02/2011

Ok my bracket arrived - all looks ok but a bit worried about the lenght, think i might need to cut the legs off the bed ;o).

Tonight i will see if the main TV bracket fits and update this thread.


Forgot to update - sorry.

Ok main bracket did fit and wall part was to long so had to saw 6" off, however i don't think I will use them again. Customer service not great is it folks!

Oh just so you all know i did a whois lookup for 123brackets.co.uk (Anyone can do this via the www) Anyhow the registrant is a Mr Peter Hee trading as 123 Brackets and he is a UK Sole Trader. The registered address is a PO box.
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Im a tv installer and ive used lcd-wall-brackets.co.uk since last September. Never had a problem and always next day service. I was thinking about using 123Brackets but glad i didnt from reading these. Went to order some brackets today from lcd and also noticed they are doing 40% off on all stands and brackets. Just use the code CTGLOBAL40 on checkout.

These have never been a problem for me, you should check it out if your having problems with 123 or brackets r us.


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123Brackets are my worst ever online shopping experience

I have never written an online review in my life before but the terrible product and service I received from this "business" has led to it. The product was late, poor quality and missing parts. I phoned for 2 days with no answer. When I emailed, basically, I was ignored until the time period had elapsed where I could get a refund. They did not even attepmpt to sweeten the pill. The email basically said stuff luck we will only exchange your product now.
I explained I had sent repeated emails and no-one answers there phone(s) and given the item was late, faulty and missing parts I had to replace it from a real business. And they just did not reply to this email.
This is a disgraceful business with no form of customer service. STEER WELL CLEAR!


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Oh dear, guess what I've just done a google search after having problems with them sending an item incorrectly, its not the same max weight or size, but will fit according to vesa info. It doens't even look like the picture on the site and has a different code on the box. I have just emailed them for a exchange or full refund otherwise I will be reporting them to the office of fair trading etc. The best part being you can't speak to aftersales over the phone it has to be via email!!!!! Absolute shocking company, might as well say goodbye to my money tbh as this is going to be a nightmare. Worst company Ive ever dealt with.

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