120Hz crossover required...

Matt F

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Before I trawl through the specs, does anyone know of any budget AV amps/receivers that have a small/large speaker crossover point of 120Hz?

Basically, it’s for a guy at work who has decided upon the Jamo A410 package. He’s asked me to recommend an amp but I need to make sure it can crossover high enough for that package.

Many thanks,


p.s. I have considered recommending alternative speaker packages but decided against this because he heard the Jamo’s and loved them, his wife finds them perfectly acceptable and she is paying for them!


Depends on his budget but the Denon 1803 will xover @ 120Hz. ;)


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As will the Denon 2802 & 3802.

Matt F

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Thanks guys - yep I found the Denon 1803 will.

The 1603 is less clear - the UK site doesn't mention it but the Japan site (in English) says that the 1603 can crossover at 80, 100 or 120Hz.

Can any 1603 owners confirm this?




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I am pretty sure my 1603 will do 80, 100, 120, but will double check tonight when i get home...


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