120cm Oval Dish or 100cm Round Dish For Motorised Setup?? Please Help!


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Hello everyone, I'm new here to the forum and I got to say that I like it a lot! :) I've just setup a 120cm oval dish on my flat roof on the far top of my house (luckly it faces south and has a clear view of the sky so should have a good sight of all major satellites). I used Thor 0.7 as my reference point and managed to pickup Hotbird 13, Astra 19, Astra 28 and a few other satellites using USALS but having some small issues with signal strength. On Astra 19 for example, everything is watchable but I'm only getting around 50% quality and thats during a clear, sunny day and I'm getting around 70% on Hotbird & only some transponders on Atlantic Bird 5 work and are giving me 40% SNR. I've tried changing the elevation of the dish using Thor 0.7w but the best I can get is 63% when angeling the dish but they do seem pretty watchable. Apart from that I can't pick up any other satellites using USALS. I can also pick up Turksat 42E but only one transponder is working and I'm getting around 36% SNR and 49% AGC. This is the first time I've ever installed a satellite dish and I'm not sure if theres something I'm doing wrong. I have a spare 1M satellite dish which is rounded unlike the one I'm using right now. Would it be worth me using that dish instead? The equipment I'm using is listed below:

Vu+ Ultimo
120cm Oval Dish
Technomate ™-2600 USALS Motor
Mondeal 0.3db Universal Quad LNB
Location - Essex (Billericay)

I'm sorry for creating this thread, I've google searched for hours today trying to find an answer so I thought I'd ask those on here who have experience.


Hi, welcome to Satellite, and you're fine to open the thread.
Our installers will tell you about the dish, but my first reaction was to wonder why you chose that LNB, rather than the 0.1dB single that would be more usual.


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Hello Logiciel, thank you for your response. I found the LNB in my garage boxed up new and unused (think my dad left it there before he passed away) I thought it would be ok to use since I have dual tuners and the two spare LNB ports incase I decide to pass a cable to one of the rooms upstairs. Would a 0.1db LNB make a major difference?
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The LNB will be fine assuming its in full working order. A 0.1 would help on weaker sats but 19 and 13e should blow in. If you do replace it get a Black Ultra. You should use the dish with the largest surface area but again both are way bigger than you need for those sats. Check the dishes are not twisted or dented.

Assuming the USB and LNB are ok your with alignment. Make sure the pole mount is 100% vertical and sturdy. Then it's a case of perservering with the alignment. If the reference sat signal is low all the rest will be too.

If you can't sort it speak to a decent installer such as Pedro.
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Would a 0.1db LNB make a major difference?
That's OK, and I get the point about the present LNB, especially for the two tuners - though it might not be all that practical to use the other two outputs for other rooms - and changing it probably wouldn't make much difference.
As kevkbuk says it ought to be far more than adequate for 13, 19, and 28, and adequate for many others, with such a very large dish, so do check for problems on the points that he suggests.
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