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Following my desision to look for a new crt pj, I have done a bit of digging and think a Barco 1209s would be a good upgrade (what do you guys think?).

Now my budget is upto £2k (flexible dependant on sweet talking my wife lol) this might be a bit tight for a 1209s but should stretch to a 1209. How easy is it to upgrade a 1209 to a 1209s, how much should it cost and what are the main differences?

I see the 1209s has COG, does this set the convergance automatically and does the 1209 do this?

I have an old Sony at the moment and it has served me well playing Xbox at 720i(?) through a transcoader and 5bnc, I take it I can just plug the 5bnc into the barco?

Any one know the rough dimensions and weight of the 1200 series PJ's, head room is a bit tight and I could do with finding out how low it will hang off the celing before I buy any thing.

Thanks for any help or advice


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Me again!

The 1209 and 1209s use different tubes and the boards are all different so not really an upgrade path...

However you can upgrade all the boards etc in a 1209 with Gregs upgrades and it has been said that would then exceed the performance of a 1209s

So you could buy the 1209 that MadmrH has then send the boards off for upgrade...

the PJ weighs in excess of 60kg so good fixing is essential.

It is no deeper than your Sony in terms of PJ sticking down from the ceiling...

COG is Convergence on Green, this is an advanced add on feature, it is not needed if a good setup is carried out...

Yes you can use the current transcoder, it will plug straight in...


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Thanks for the reply, again :smashin: The depth was my main concern. As for fixings, my pj is mounted on 2 parallel steel "c" sections that are screwed to 5 roof trusses on each side with 4" screws so I hope they will be strong enough:D I may be free this weekend if your kind offer is still open.


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yes that sounds good and secure.

Yes offer is still open. let me know and I will send details in a pm...

Mad Mr H

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COG is an "option" I have a few of those left.

It is more use when blending or stacking PJ's.

1209 to 1209s - Forget it ! different CPU, different boards and just not an option.

1209s Data can be upgraded to GRAPHICS,

ALL of my 1209s have been upgraded (if required) to Graphics.


the 120x series Barco are about 14 inch tall if that helps you.

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