110 Film Cassettes


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I'll take a crack at the answer; all the film will be in the right hand pot on the casette. Im not sure the film rewound into the left hand side (probably not). So balancing the casette in the middle, it should tell you which side is heaviest. left= unused, right = exposed

I could be wrong though????


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Thanks for that.

Digging a bit deeper, it seems as though the film moves right to left (according to the images here). Other than that your theory is sound & the exposed cartridge is heavier on the left. :smashin:

It also seems that an unexposed cartridge has the brown "leader" showing. Using the balancing trick it appears that an exposed cartridge has a black "tail" showing.

Thanks again.


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As the film was wound whilst it was being shot, and wasn't rewound; then if you can't wind it any more it will be fully used.

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