10m HDMi cable advice. Projector to AV Receiver


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I am in the process of purchasing a Projector for my first home cinema setup. I already have the AV Receiver and speakers but obviously need to connect them up. I always assumed I could just use any long HDMI but looking through the forums it seems I might have to make sure I get the right one.

I am looking to purchase an Optoma HD25 so this will be transferring both 1080p and a 3D signal (if that makes a difference??). I am getting a 10m cable to be on the safe side, in reality I guess a 7m cable would suffice. I haven't got a huge budget as already spending more on the projector than I was anticipating but need to get a couple of cables pronto.

I have found these - what are the differences as they all cost the same!

7m HDMI Cable

7m HDMI Cable

7m HDMI Cable

What would people suggest?

thanks in advance.
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Well on that basis I may as well go for that one then. Out of interest do you know what the difference between the three is?

Any tips you can offer for a first time install?
A very confusing description as the specifications stated are exactly the same.

I suspect you dont really need the Ethernet part so you can save yourself a little money by just buying a High Speed HDMi Cable without Ethernet.


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Although that cable wouldn't be long enough. For the sake of a few ££ I may as well stick with the above.

However I have just 'discovered' HDMI over ethernet, another new world to me! Considering is this would be a better option?
Are you considering not using a HDMI cable but HDMI over Ethernet ? If so I dont advise this route as it is always better to use HDMI cable rather than any conversion.

If you are referring to the fact that HDMI cable can also carry Ethernet then in your situation this will not add any advantage


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Think I got that, so long and short of it - stick to the HDMI cable - that's fine with me!

Thanks for your help.
Yes, always best to stick with the original cable if you can.

Is it just one 10M cable you are after, as I will check if I have one for a better price for you ?



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Hi Seb,

Really appreciate your help - will be after two cables. As mentioned I think 10m will be overkill but would rather have plenty of spare cable than it being stretched. I have seen some people suggest that once you go over 7m you need to make sure it's high speed or something? I will be connecting it up to an Optoma HD25 to AV receiver then the other cable will just be spare for hooking up laptop etc. as and when required. I would be more than happy to put my business your way as you have been a great help.

Yes high speed usually better after 10M but better be safe than sorry.

What AV Receiver do you have ?

10M HDMI High Speed Cable are £13.50 each plus £7.50 delivery, will messenger you a discount code so you buy from our shop.



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It's a Denon AV receiver about 18 months old and cost about £400 when purchased - can't remember the model number off of the top of my head and I am at work at the moment so can't check.


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Ah right, sorry I see - It will be a blu ray player - can't recall model off of the top of my head. If easier I can get all of my setup details tonight when I get home.

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High Speed is advised where you wish to carry a 3D signal.

Unless someone has created some new magic cable tech no passive cable longer than 8m has been certified as High Speed so given the choice you would potentially be best to stick with an 8m cable you know has been certified as High Speed.

Any cable over 8m advertised or labelled as High Speed and you'll be wanting to see some proof of the certification claim!

Joe is right, though the 10M cables are manufactured exactly the same as the shorter High Speed lengths with the same material ends etc, they are not rated as High Speed. However though not certified we have not come across any problems running 3D BluRay, and certainly not SKY 3D though technically that's isnt HD anyway.

With a good proportion of cable resellers stating that their "High Speed HDMI cable" is available in 10M lengths it is very tricky commercially to inform and educate users, however we now state that on our 10M length that this is not certified.

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