10ft screen and CRT???

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Having had enough of LCD projectors I am now considering either the DLP or CRT route ...

Although interested in the new generation of DLP models with claimed 'near CRT' contrast, I'm still eager to explore possibilities in the CRT world.

For my budget, around £8K, I guess I could get a really good 8" model however I have one nagging concern about 8" tubes ... my screen size is 10ft wide. This has never been an issue with LCD due to the high levels of brightness but I believe anything over an 8ft image with 8" tubes looks faded and dead?

Would my budget allow a 9" model, and if so what running expense could I expect i.e. are 9" tubes far too expensive to keep replacing. Would a 10ft screen be even too big for 9"?

Many thanks from a CRT newbie ... I could be converted!

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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I have a client with a 7" unit on a 9ft wide screen. It doesn't look washed out. In fact it looks less washed out than the Sony VPL10 installations we were doing at the same time on smaller screens. Would I do it again, probably not but the guy wanted it and when it was finsihed it was much better than I was expecting.

Smaller screens will give you better picture quality, that is not in doubt. However, if you actually go about designing the room well in the first place you can still get a very respectable image on a large screen. 10ft wide is BIG. Not all 9" projectors are brighter than bright 8" units I think you'll find as well.

Get the room dark colours. Make the screen end as dark as possible and you're half way there. 9" tubes for many proectors can be rebuilt at a significant saving from new. The same can be done with many 8" tubes. I suspect the thing you now need to do is go look at a few installations or dems of just what a good 8 or 9 can do when fed by a decent video processor. Make sure to have a look at what the new HD2 chipped DLP's can do as well and then let us know what you've come up with.



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Thanks Gordon, informative words as ever ...

Room darkness will not be a problem as I've got a double garage conversion being started any week now (pending contractors start date) and this room (21'x16') will only have 1 window. I plan to use both a blackout blind and velvet curtains behind the screen.

Couple of questions:-

1. What 8" model would be best suited to a 10ft screen in your opinion?

2. Where can I get decent demos of CRTs?

3. (I know I only said a couple) What kind of price region would I be looking at for a full CRT installation (ceiling) and set up?

Additionally, do you know of any CRT dealers, including yourself who would be interested in a Sony VPL-VW11HT as part-ex?

Regards, Mark.

Roland @ B4

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The screen material will have a huge effect in the brightness of your image too. Not all 10ft wide screens are equal.

No doubt the lurkers have PM'd you already but it will be perfectly possible to get a good 808 or 1209s for your buget. That should include the screen and fitting too.

You are more than welcome to come over to Reading for a good CRT demo. we can only get to 8ft wide I'm afraid:(

I would sell your LCD privately rather than trying to Part ex it.
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