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1080p ?


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Sorry if this is been asked before or im sounding dim.

When playing a standard widescreen 2:35:1 Anamorphic dvd played back at 1080p is it normal to get large black bars at top and bottom (about 2inchs depth from the frame) - I have set the dvd player (oppo)to 16:9.

I noticed when playing at 576p i could switch to the smart mode on the tv, (without losing much info at the sides) and the bars were only a few cm in depth.

Thanks for any help


yes it's normal. widescreen tv's are 1.85:1 (i think), so most big films do not fill the screen.
If you use fancy modes on your tv, you either stretch the picture, or cut off some of the side (or both), so just leave it as it is.

Peter Galbavy

Depending on the display (mine's a Sharp 1080p LCD) it will handles different input resolutions differently.

For example, on the Sharp, in 1080i/p modes the only choices are "Widescreen" and "Underscan" - here "Underscan" is the true 1:1 pixel mapping while "Widescreen" slightly stretches the picture to ensure that any source that may have explicit borders (typically older films will have slight borders on the left and right hand sides) - but the side effect is that 2.35:1 material is also viewed with smaller black bars top and bottom.

For 480/576 line inputs there is a much wider range of zoom options - but of course not all will preserve the true aspect ratio of the source (which is sometimes the point).

My personal preference is 1080i/p input with Underscan - and any slight additional black borders disappear into the black bezel and I prefer seeing the whole of the source frame at the correct aspect ratio.

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