1080p Through analog video, possible in the future?



Well I'm in a bit of a pickle. I recently bought a 360, and now the 360 Elite is announced.

I don't really need the system, and the the quality between digital and analog is almost un noticiable to me, but here's the question..

Will future TVs support 1080p through analog connections?

I don't have an HDTV yet, but plan on getting on late this year, early next year. I'm wondering if companies will only allow 1080p through HDMI because of copy protection.. It could be way to get people to use HDMI, so piracy is limited.

Now I'm worried that I won't be able to find a HDTV that will support 1080p through VGA/Component in the future.

Do you think TVs will still support 1080p via analog connections in the future?

I would feel a lot better if I knew I would be able to pick one up that would :)



The WLT68's from Toshiba do 1080p through component, and have done since day one, but you may have trouble getting something to output copy protected stuff at this res.


yes its 1080p on both of component and vga for game if your tv support it . for but for HD DVD add on, the vga still run up to 1080p but the component only up to 1080i becoz of the right in data protection which it excluding vga. anyway as HDMI is pure digital so ppl believe that will give better picture than anolog so you decide that if got money to burn then trade in your XBOX to new black elite one and buy new tv with hdmi , hope it help .

ps so sure that the game still run ok on normal anolog in the future too as many millions ppl out there still play with normal SD tv.

ps the new tv as new samsung M86 or M87 are support 1080p on both vga and component too. http://www.samsung.com/uk/products/television/tftlcd/index.asp

ps some tv are support upto 1080i via component even the tv is Full HD 1080p for example Sony X and W series. (only the W series can support 1080p via vga but X not)

ps i am still happy with my xbox360 via vga . ( will wait and see how the hdmi vs vga and component when i come out )

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