1080P Quicktime Jerky on Pentium D 830


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Have a pentium D 830 CPU "3GHZ Dual Core", and I can play back 1080P quicktime HD files back fine in quicktime 7, I get no dropped frames but the video quality is pretty crap, loads of aliasing, anyway switched ot a 3rd party h.264 decoder like VLC player and the elecard decoder, so when I play back h.264 files back in media player the quality is amazing, no aliasing at all, 720P clips play fine but 1080P clips are very jerky alot of frame dropping, since the elecard decoder is written for software emulation only, as in only relies on CPU for decoding, anyone know if there is a better alternative out there, otherwise I guess we all have to start saving for a Pentium D 950 EE, "3.46GHZ Dual Core with HT"...

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