1080p PS3 games and KDL-40V3000


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I have a Sony KDL-40V3000 TV hooked up to PS3 with HDMI cable.

I have just brought Call of Duty 4 and GTA 4 which should run at 1080p PAL. I have also got GT5 Prologue Japan version which run at 1080p on NTSC.

The GT5 when playing runs at the 1080p with no problem, the other 2 games only run at 720p.

I have checked settings on the PS3 and TV and cannot find any reason.

The TV switches from 1080p on the PS3 screen to 720p when the game starts to load.

Any one got any ideas??




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There's a few games with this issue seemingly, 1080p on box but PS3 runs at 720p. I've seen it mentioned on forums that if you go into display properties and uncheck 720p/1080i that the game will then run at 1080p.

As to whether or not this will mean the games are genuinely running at 1080p, or whether they're being scaled, is another matter entirely ! I'd guess they're being scaled, as there's no other games anywhere near as intensive graphically, that run in 1080p natively. I think that by removing the 720p option, you're simply forcing the PS3 to scale to 1080p.

If you leave all resolution boxes checked in display properties, the PS3 should pick the best available choice. Which seems to be, for these games, 720p.

I'd love to be wrong though :D But as many 'next-gen' games don't even run at 720p natively, I'm skeptical !

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