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1080p problem with ps3 , please help


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Hi All

I just bought a ps3 and when ever I put the display settings to 1080p the picture goes blank or keeps flashing off.

I have toshiba regza 32 inch that fully supports 1080p and runs with my xbox set to 1080p.

Is there somthing I am missing ? could it be i have faulty hdmi cable or somthing. Its working fine on my 360 but not on my ps3

Many thanks , Much appreciated.

Kindest Regards


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Yep that's your first thing to try if you're sure your settings are all ok; a different HDMI cable.

Otherwise press and hold the PS3's power button from standby, it'll beep a few times, this means it's reset its resolution.

Then just go into display settings and set it up again.

I take it you're using the auto-display set up rather than doing it manually - it should just detect what your tv is capable of and set its output accordingly. :smashin:

Beyond that it might be some setting in your TV that's causing the problem...

Another issue might be handshaking between HDMI devices, there might be a problem between your PS3 and your TV - although how to fix that though I don't know... you could try a different HDMI port on your TV.
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Thanks man , tried a couple of different hdmi ports on my tv and didnt make any difference. It worked fine for a while on 1080p but then went completly black and occasionally flashing on and off. Its running at 1080i perfectly at the moment but wont make the jump upto 1080p.

The auto display sets at 1080p automatically.

Tried reseting the display by reseting the ps3 but didnt help.

Stores are all closed now , will pickup a new HDMI lead in the morning and will post back. My bets on the HDMI lead.


Distinguished Member
If you think it could be the lead then try the same lead with the 360 first before you go buying another.
Id say it was hardware if same lead works with 360 ok.
Not uncommon to have the handshake issues like said above but still rareish.
Try the same lead on the 360. Elimination


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Yeah you could also try the HDMI cable that the 360 is using on your PS3, narrow the problem down.

Another thing would be to try your PS3 on a different TV or a different PS3 on your TV.


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Replaced the HDMI cable and its working perfectly now. Strange that the HDMI cable worked fine with the xbox 360 but not with the ps3.

Thanks for your input.


Active Member
Maybe its because the PS3 has a higher standard of HDMI 1.3 as opposed to the xboxs 1.2 and was sending more information than the cable was rated for.
HDMI 1.3 Increases single-link bandwidth to 340 MHz (10.2 Gbps), Supports output of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio streams for external decoding by AV receivers and supports 30-bit, 36-bit, and 48-bit xvYCC with Deep Color or over one billion colors, up from 24-bit sRGB or YCbCr in previous versions :D


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In a similar screen resolution based question...

I also have a 1080i/p screen - Sony bravia something 32".

I was amazed to find that on start up - Tv says PS3 displays @ 1080p (menu screen). But when game starts (Assasins Creed 2 & RDR), res drops to 720p. I think this is the native display for these games, but the only way I could make it display 1080 was to disable 720p in the PS3 display menu.
Anyone know how you can set the TV up to upscale it for you as I have heard its better for TV hardware to do this than the BD software...

I know I probably couldn't tell the diference between 720&1080 on a 32" but its bugging me non the less! :confused:


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If you have a 1080p screen, and you're sending it 720p, but the image isn't a rectangle in the centre, then your tv is upscaling it.

Just set your ps3 display settings to auto, don't try and force it to output 1080p. The ps3 will output the game at the best resolution.

Most games are 720p and your tv will upscale it from there. :smashin:


i am having a problem with my newish 120 slim ps3. the picture is fine and then starts flickering and the screen goes black. i have several HDMI cables and its still doing it. thought it was my amp but connected direct to TV through several sockets and it does it everyday.

is the PS3 faulty?


Distinguished Member
Maybe, maybe not, a test on your and another tv will indicate whether or not it's the ps3..if it does it on another tv, that works fine with a ps3, then probably the ps3 is at fault, but if it doesn't, then chances are it's either your hdmi inputs on the tv, or the tv itself, like it's needing a firmware update at least, or a board change, etc.

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