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I have been looking into to geting a 1080p PJ but its not easy with only having a short throw (11-12Ft max), i was looking at the X10 but using the calculator it says i would only achieve an image of 80", are there any others out there worth considering at the same price point or should i save some pennies and get a decent 720p (optoma HD65 or similar ) and quality screen instead?


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It's worth checking out Projector central www.projectorcentral.com to look at viewing distances for projectors (Covers Lumens as well). As a rule of thumb 1.35 -1.75 times screen width works for viewing distance, most accept that 720p is pixelated at less than 1.5 x screen width viewing distance


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Sim2 projectors go down to 1.5 which will get you 8ft wide from 12ft away. JVC HD350 goes down near 1.4 IIRC. What screen size are you trying to achieve and with what kind of budget?


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Sorry about the late reply (nightshift), i was hoping to achieve something in the region of 92", that would fit almost perfectly across the bay window, dropping nicely in front of the TV, when in use.

TBH the only 1080P PJ that i have looked seriously is the Infocus X10 at around £1000.

The room i am using is a second sitting room used as a movie/games room measuring 4.5m*4m so quite small really, i am a little worried that 92" might be overkill, but thats what i thought when i chose a 42" plasma over a 50"

2 weeks later the wife said "we should have got the 50"

With very few places in my area (Teesside)to see these things in the flesh any input would be appreciated.




hi, have a look here

this is using the sony hw10 (i have one) and it's a cracking little PJ ,i say little the thing is massive. from 11ft it'll give a 90" picture no prblems and from a little further back you'll get at least 96"

i see you're on nights, me too :mad: best time do research on stuff like this :clap:


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foozoo, I have an in80 but its over 12ft from screen pj is a bugger if you have low ceilings and a short throw..see IN80 thread !

Smoggies..going down you may want to pop over newcastle as they are in the same boat :rotfl: after you have had a good cry together call in global hifi in clayton st...they have the infocus range on demo m8t :thumbsup:
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Thanks for the replies, i have checked out both PJ's and to be honest i think they might be a bit grown up for my first try. I always intended in getting something like the optoma HD65, then the Infocus X10 came along at a good price point and kinda threw me, but as its needs a longer throw than i have its no good, I may have got a little 1080p blind, is it really worth the extra £££



martian1 thanks for the heads up about global, i popped in Lintone(metro) a few weeks agos whats happened to that place? Its looking as shoddy as the boro!!

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