1080i SD channel drop out


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Ill try and explain this best I can.........

When I got HD installed a week ago I set picture resolution on the box to auto. Yesterday I set the box to 1080i for all, as it seemed to help with some poor quality transmissions and avoids the picture taking a few moments to switch between 576 and HD.

Twice now for no apparent reason whilst watching BBC / ITV the picture switches off with the screen displaying the input ie HDMI. All the time the sounds is still on as normal. Pressing the remote off and then on restores picture

I have read a thread regards Sony displays having this issue but non with a Panasonic 42" PV500 plasma. Does the Sky box struggle upconverting. I realise Auto is the best setting in general but surely this drop out should not occur.


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Hi pwood. Are you able to connect your tv in paralell with rf or scart. That way, next time it freaks out, you can read the sky error code (if there is one) by switching input.

You might be correct. I had this problem on the Sony thread. I switched from 1080i to auto on the sky box so the Sony does the upscale (ok, there is an unsightly delay as the channel changes from HD>SD). Early days, but the problem has not reoccurred.

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pwood your not alone, i too get this problem on my px60 (HDMI at the top left but no picture or sound for that matter), but turning the tv off and back on again sorts it out :confused:


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Regards sound drop out, I forgot to mention sound was via optical to AV amp. TV sound off. Given no picture I assume the TV sound would be off as well.

When I get time I'm going to email SKY technical. Not tried the scart error code approach yet.

New toy new problems.


I have a similar problem with my Sony W2000 lCD so it seems that the problem is with the Sky HD box.


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I emailed SKy Technical a few days ago. IF I get a reply will post again.

I would urge the rest of you that have experianced the same issue to email them as well.

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