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1080i or 1080p



i am looking to buy a plasma.
What sources are currently available in th UK now.
Im not sure what to go for.
Do i need 1080p now or is 1080p long away.
I have seen a couple of 1080p sets but it seems 1080p wont be common for a long time yet.
and with 1080i do i still need a set which is 1920 x 1080 or is any HD ready set ok.



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Sky HD is 1080i...but blu-ray/HD-DVD is 1080p

For PC use you want 1080p..(as long as the plasma supported 1:1 pixel mapping at this res)

A 1080p plasma woud be much better then a 1080i one...(As long as they both had the same quailty scaler)


basically 1080p will only be available with Blu Ray And HD DVD,s
If i am not a dvd fan, there is not much me bothering with a 1080p set yet,

One more thing, a set with res of 1366 x 768, will it compress 1080i signal or will it be true 1080i


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768 lines are of course the nearest to 720. The use of 768 on many screens is from computer screen resolutions.

Anyway to answer your question, a 768 screen will generally downscale 1080i to fit.

Basically it has less pixels and has to process the 1080i image to fit the pixels it has.

Oh, and before anybody else comments, 1080i (interlaced) is lower bandwidth than 720p (progressive) despite needing more pixels, but that's another story.


So if i invest in a 720 ready tv now, it would be ok as SKy is only 720.
Am i correct

Tommy Angelo

I think all of Sky's output is 1080i at the moment. The box is capable of 720p and 1080i but I think everything so far has been 1080i.


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