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If this has been posted elsewhere, sorry.

Just wondering if anyone has any indication of what true HD plasma's are available, not these 1024x768 or 1280x768 or even 1366x768 sets, and even some of the sets with resolutions of 1024x768 are not showing 720p at its true native resolution of 1280x720. I want it to be able to display 1080p (when available with the playstation 3 etc) without the need for the plasma to scale the image. I really dont want to have to buy another plasma just for 1080p or even 1080i (I understand that at a push its hard to really tell the diff between 720p and 1080i) but I dont want to have to upgrade at all for when the 1080p format hits and it wont be long. 1080p is native to a res of 1920x1080 isnt it ? The only plsama's I can think of just now that come close are the Hitatchi 42-PD7200 and the Yamaha PDM-4210...

Can anyone give some help please ? :smashin:


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The highest plasma resolution you can get at the moment is 1366 x 768.
1920x 1080 plasmas will surely become available next year, but at a large premium.
There will also be alternatives.....



LOL Stainway, I think we have to define the word 'need', don't you? I think I 'need' a 70+ inch plasma, but I'll make do with my projector for this size stuff!


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As far as I know, there'll be a 65" 1080p Panasonic plasma and a 50" 1080p Pioneer plasma in Europe, both probably in time for the football world cup. The Hitachi 55" 1080p model will probably come at the end of 2006 (at least in the USA, not sure about Europe). Right now there is no affordable 1080p plasma available - except in Japan. There you'll be able to buy the 65" 1080p Panasonic plasma for MSRP about 9k USD (= lower price than the older 65" 768p Panasonic!) beginning from November 1st.


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Philips has also big plans to sell to anyone HD TV and set-up box, because they paid lots of money for the TV rights on the WC 2006,so they are pushing now all the cable operators in Holland to have at least one HD channel and also the public channels.

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cheers guys, looks like i'll be waiting a while longer or i'll take the plunge and get a 1366x768 until 1920x1080's are out and affordable.


Whole post deleted, I mentioned price.... Just for a laugh you understand, and not on a make that I ever sell. Us retailers are not allowed to 'quote' on the forum, which I quite understand, but the price on this screen was such a laugh I thought I'd get away with it! Especially as I don't sell them, and I can guarantee that nobody here would buy it anyway. You'd have to sell your wife and children.

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