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Sorry if this seems out of place here as it crosses two forums, but I was looking to get an HD camcorder and checking for information from the camcorder forums and came across a statement that no current HD DVD players support 1080/50

Is this correct ?

For me this would be important for making mini HD DVDs (DVDs with about 20 mins of HD material) from personal camcorder sources)

The alternative would seem to be importing a camcorder with 1080/60 and be assured of getting support on playback.

I have an E1 already and am more than happy with the performance on purchased films.


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Yes that's correct.

If I was buying a HD camcorder there's no way I'd buy a "UK" model. Get one from US or JP.

You can get about 40 mins of HD on a standard DVD which will playback on Toshiba HD DVD players.

Peter Galbavy

I went for a Canon HV20 from the US, this being one of the reasons. The other being the good reviews and the 24p capabilities. I have yet to actually produce a "mini HD" disc, but that's another story :)

Nic Rhodes

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I thought 50Hz capabilities were being added in Dec firmwares for HD DVD.

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