1080 24p input acceptance ?


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And Sharp HDIE will have too. Coming after summer.


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It not so much accepting a 24fps 1080 input, its how that input is processed and displayed.

The "best" way would be for 120hz, (5x24), as used on some Plasma's. But the Toshiba Z-Series for example does not detail the processing method, the US model doubles 60Hz for 120hz (similar to M100), so you could get:-

24Hz (1:1) > 60Hz (3:2) > 120Hz (6:4)

I think we will have to wait until these sets are available and people begin watching them. There may even be audio sync issues if the playback isn't at 60hz (or multiple) for HD-DVD's.

The Toshiba X-series (1080p) already allows 1080p24Hz input, it would be interesting to see how it is processed and displayed by the TV (60hz or 50hz).........Have any of our European member with this set-up tried it on their X-Series yet?

Does anyone know how to confirm the processing? (I imagine the on-screen-display would tell you the refreshrate).


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Thanks to all who responded. I wish my question had been more specific as what I intended to ask was not only whether they accept 1080 @24p, but whether they will display a Full HD picture accordingly at a multiple of 24 Hz refresh rate., as I assume 24Hz could give a flickery picture. Of course they would have to be 1080x1920 in display.

Anybody have anything further to add along these lines ? Thanks.

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