1075 problem

Stereo Steve

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My Rotel 1075 has suffered a heavy knock and now the 2 right channels don't work. The lefts and centre work fine.

Any ideas? I'm assuming it must be a fault on the right input section as I thought the actual amps were seperate.

Anything I should check?



Maybe the fuses have blown on these two channels. If you are brave enough to take the top off and take a peek at the fuses then you could find out one way or another.

I don't know if this would mess up any warranty. But when I had a 1075 it blew a fuse (well a couple of channels stopped working) and we swapped the fuses and it was fine afterwards.

Maybe phone B&W as they are importers for Rotel in UK and get them to put you through to Rotel support, and see what they say.


Stereo Steve

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Thanks, I've already had the top off.:D

Are the fuses easy to get to and easy to see if they have blown? Also, what type are they and do I need to get them from anywhere special?

I guess one could be dislodged if it's had a bump.


Arrgh yes easy to spot and to replace... Check what they say on them.

I got replacements from Maplins either order online or get from a lcoal store. I really cannot remember the strength will ahve to check online I was thinking something like 6.3a "slow-blow" or "time-lag" whatever you want to call them.

Sorry got that wrong, these were for a RMB 991 not a 1075 so might be different strength for the 1075. So check the 1075 I would guess they might be a bit smaller.

But you will have no trouble spotting the fuses.


Stereo Steve

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THanks again. I think I have found the problem though. I took the top off again and the rear input connector has 2 gold legs which attatch it to the board. These have been snapped off their solder points.

Looks like a simple repair for someone able. I'm not going to do it myself as I'm not confident enough with the soldering iron.

Any idea who would repair such a thing? I guess I'll get hold of B&W for further advice.

Bit of a releif though if that's the only damage.


Contact details for Rotel are:-

Rotel Europe
Dale Road
West Sussex
BN11 2BH
01903 221763
E-mail: [email protected]

I'd try phoning them, they might know someone closer to you that would do it so you don't have to send it off, as postage on a 1075 won't be cheap :)



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any decent electrical engineer could perform a task like that.

Try www.maydale.co.uk

I know the guy personally, and can fix anything from the board up.



I suggest from a cost point of view that you find a local electronics repair shop. They will be well capable of the repair and about 1/3 of the price of an authorised dealer!

Stereo Steve

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Yeah, well I'm figuring in my part of the world the local electrical shop may well be the authorised repairer. I think it needs a new part that's all. The actual legs on the socket are broken clean off and I don't fancy someone thinking a bit of wire will do. I would also like it to be given a quick check over to make sure nothing else has been damaged.

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