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Hi All,

I'm looking to update my entire video setup, currently consisting of a very old 2k monitor and 1080p TV. I've inherited a professional series PA328Q 4k 60Hz 10-bit monitor and will soon have a 4k TV. I will only be watching 4k video / doing anything graphically intensive on one display at a time, (but will not be disconnecting the other display during this).
I believe the 1050/1050ti will be sufficient. I have just two questions.

Will the 1050/ti do dual 4k 60Hz 10-bit colour over DP and HDMI 4:2:2?
Will the 1050/ti do dual 4k 10-bit colour over DP (60Hz) and 10-bit HDMI 4:4:4 with HDR if at 24/30hz?

If yes to both then I think I'm sorted.

Many thanks.


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Do you still need a response to this?
I recently purchased a 4K monitor for my pc which has a 1050 ti so I can test this out if needed?
>I'll just need to find my extra long hdmi cable for my 4K TV

Although Windows 10 & HDR are a PIA, will give it a punt :)


Thanks for the reply, in the end I contacted Nvidia directly who confirmed that the card will do this.


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