100x5R and subwoofer


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I've just acquired a 100x5R and AVR32R. I've got 5 surround speakers and a subwoofer. If I wanted to use the subwoofer - what options do I have - or do I have none - which I what I expect.



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The AV32R is a 5.1 surround sound processor. The .1 is the subwoofer :lesson:, so its use is fully supported.


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Hi mate

What sub is it?

Do you have the make and model for it?



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the sub you have is active - ie contains its own power amplifier. You need to take a line level out of the pre-amp (phono socket labelled 'sub out' or similar) and connect this to the phono input on your subwoofer.

Go in to the av32r menu and make sure you have the sub option turned on (in the speaker settings) and then run the test tones to set the speaker levels up.

Basically, you need a phono to phono cable to do this, but other than that you have the right equipment to get this to work.



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Yeap...I was gonna say that :)

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