100Hz or not 100Hz???



Hello all,

I hope someone can shed some light on a query I have about the Sony KV36FS76.

I am thinking of buying one of these from EmpireDirect.co.uk, but I am not sure if it has the 100Hz refresh rate that the older KV36FS70 had. The Sony web site doesn't mention it and there helpline 'person' said it deffinately doesn't have it, but a couple of posts on this forum seem to mention it!

Does anybody know of a web site with a detailed spec/review of this set?

I was really impressed with the older 36" (FS70), and need to be sure that the new one is an actual improvement before buying one.

Thanks in advance...


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if you can afford it go for the nx200 36"sony out the end of the month,drc-mf memory stick and it ways only 84kg ,the 70 used to way 95kg


Thanks for that, but I can only afford around the £1500 mark!
I have heard the NX200 will be around £2300!

Still yet to read a full spec on the FS76 though...


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my friend tells me its not as good as the f70,i didnt like the weight of it or the style,at least the sony nx100 32"model had a bit of style about it why didnt they ever release a 36" version like that


According to the specs shown at unbeatable.co.uk, the FS76 is not a 100Hz set.

Anyone know how it compares to the 100 Hz Tosh ZP18Q, &/or how much better the NX200 is to both?


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Had a KV36FS76 for 3 weeks now and it is a superb set , definitely 100hz (options to change in menu to 50hz or off )


As said it is 100Hz ana according to the sony tech spec the 200 has the same screen processing but not 2 tuner so not Pict. and Pict. And the ugly beast has finally grown on me and I like the look. Feel it may not date so quickly, as some of the curvy sets....as it already looks dated!


Hmmm if the 36" NX200 is just a bigger version of the 32" I dont feel its an improvment over the look of the FS76;)

It may be more adventurous but unless your loung is blue you may have a colour problem;) I do think the fs76 is far far to boring (i havent managed to actually place the order for mine yet due to this) but i can't see me with a NX200 - it may grow on me though

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