100hz motion +, can you genius`s explain to me please


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Hi guys.

I bought the new 46" Samsung A656 model about a month ago now and overall been a very happy boy. I played a little with the 100hz motion+ but in the end decided that it gives DVD playback and TV a very strange look. What is the whole point of it in the long run?

Also when running my XBOX 360 100hz the gaming does look smoother but how does it manage this when 360 games run at 60hz and it also sets it up to that in the display section on the dashboard.


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You're really not alone in thinking that 100Hz makes DVD and TV look funny. In the case of 360 games, it'll be running at 120Hz when given a 60Hz input (hence why the technology is called 120Hz in the states, despite being the same chip inside the set).

Just to further explain how it works, incase you're unaware, 100Hz on modern LCD TVs such as yours is completely different to the 100Hz CRTs of yesteryear. What it does is to interpolate frames; create new images inbetween those present in the original signal. Whilst this definitely does smooth the images, it can do so in a way many find unnatural or unappealing. In addition, when the motion in the original source is complicated (football is a great example of this), the software cannot analyze and process the images quickly enough to produce a clean image, and you may see more than one football on screen, or it jumping about, or artefacts around objects.

The general advice for your particular set is to leave the 100Hz off, though personal preference obviously comes into it. By all means leave it on for the 360 if that's what you like!

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