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Hello helpful people,

I am intending to buy a 28" or 32" widescreen TV in the very near future. I was under the impression that 100Hz is a good feature because it reduced the amount of flicker on static items such as the channel logo in the corner of the screen, as this is a purchase that i can't afford to repeat regularly i want to get it right.

I went out last night looking at the TVs available and the salesman in the shop showed me a the with 100Hz turned on the screen seemed to flicker more than with it off. Am i wasting my hard earned money on what the salesman discribed as a gimik?

Please help,

The desirability of 100hz depends on your visual acuity. There are many (but by no means all) people who are sensitive to the flicker of the whole image not just logos etc, when a PAL TV signal is displayed normally (ie at 50hz). It is especially noticeable on large bright areas, and more so on large screens.

If you can't see this flicker then 100hz

a) typically is more expensive
b) if not done very well, can result in digital processing artefacts, such as smearing of fast movement

and is best avoided.

If you do see the flicker, then 100hz will be much more relaxing on the eye, and, despite its potential shortcomings, may allow you to enjoy your TV for longer periods.

If only things were even that simple; depending on the size of the screen, and the method used to do 100hz - a 100hz set may well also fill out the gaps between the scanlines of the picture (in other words, it may include a line doubler). Sony's DRC-MF feature does this. It may be that, for that reason that 100hz is preferwable - more so on a larger screen where the natural scanline structure of the image may intrude.

And Scanlines are more visible on NTSC. And more visible still on non-anamorphic widescreen material.

It most certainly isn't a gimmick - it has its purpose - but only if it matters to you - not me nor the salesman.
bearing in mind that good advice, are some brands of tv more likely to flicker at 50htz than others or is it universal. what i mean is, if you notice flicker on one 50htz tv will you notice it on all 50htz tvs?
Had a 100hz tv and could not handle the processing artefacts(drove me mad),ended up getting a 50hz superscan panasonic with no noticeable flicker.

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