100hz aerial cable?


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High quality replacement aerial cables suitable for modern 100hz use.

Hmmm, ok. Thats basically rubbish marketting tripe.

Just get some decent 75ohm coax cable, CT100 or similar is very good. You never send any '100Hz' down an aerial cable, any of that stuff is done internally in the TV set itself.

100Hz aerial cables are like 'gold plated' optical cables. ie they don't make sense, just a bit of marketing to prey on those who don't know better.

Make sure your cables are well terminated, these may be ok, just ignore the 100Hz stuff.


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Thanks for your reply Retro.

I find that with many technical products companies try and blind you with science by using terminology that is way beyond most people but sounds impressive.

For example: doesn't digital noise reduction sound fantastic in theory. In practice is a gimmick purely to try and sell more tv's.


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As ReTrO says,this is absolute nonsense,and ranks alongside having the gas in your plasma topped up.

It's a shame that retailers find this necessary.


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Hi Guys,

I am co-owner of audiovisualonline and would like to defend ourselves a wee bit here. Firstly we are provided with descriptions by suppliers which does mean that what retro, mobily and alexs2 say is someway toward the truth. However, we decided to leave the descriptions intact as we felt that saying the cables were 100Hz went someway toward pitching the cable to the right sort of market, that is the AV enthusiast with better equipment spec that these cables would suit. ie: when one thinks of 100Hz tv's we also think better quality which is what these cables are compared with standard coax fly leads that use cheaper cable and do not have the IAT suppressors etc......

We always try to provide as much info as possible and at the end of the day we are a business and so using glossy wording is an essential marketing tool. What i can say in all honesty is that they are very good cables and use the whole profigold range on my own system (apart from some old puresonic 2 x RCA's on my CD which i havn't upgraded)


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I've no doubt they're half decent cables, but the descriptions a bit dodgy.


it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't a glossy advertising term backed up by another glossy advertising term
SOmeone should run a test on aeriel cables for perfromance it could be interesting especially with plasmas and LCD needing such a good reception to look good.


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someone buys me a plasma and I will happily run a test fro you :D

Nic Rhodes

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Originally posted by Kingy
Hi Guys,

I am co-owner of audiovisualonline and would like to defend ourselves a wee bit here.

How can you defend meaningless twaddle? It means nothing, marketting crap, no more, no less, if you said it was a 'premium' cable I would be more sympathetic but as it stands it is just rubbish. As one of the forementioned AV enthusiasts I would run a mile when I see this, it doesn't attract business it reduces it.

100 Hz tvs better?, now thats an interesting idea but another debate :(

perhaps re thinking your glossy approach to marketing might be beneficial, tell people about CI, shielding and the things that matter and why your is better than any other manufacturer rather than investing new 100 Hz science :(



What's the use of an 100Hz cable?
That's the question that's been aked.

Well, look at the cable in the link,
what do you see at both ends?

A sort of tube that's has been fit over the cable on both ends, the EMI supressors
Why: to reduce EMI

Do you think that's important in coaxial cable - YOU BET !!!

Just simply do the test, buy such a cable and see for yourself, the result is very obvious, you EASLY see the improvment, or else you can blow my head off, I'm serious !!
You don't have to buy a Bandridge cable, but they are worth every single cent, ask somebody who have such a cable in their system, I have such a cable an the improvment whas BIG, yes BIG (!)

And another thing,
If you don't think that the EMI supressor isn't important, why do you see it on a monitor cable of you PC etc, this is not only for EMC norms, but for the overall picture quality (!)

And again, if you don't believe me, do a sipmle test with such a cable.

Ow yes, why I find bandridge is a good brand, because of proper engineering, bang for the buck and GOOD shielding and constant manufactering, the support however sucks, but you don't need it

Other good cables are from DAP, but that's in holland.

Hope you will get a good answer

Some hifi links, search on google:
- IRD Audio
- nOrh
- Blue Jeans Cable
- Referencecables
- Cambridge Audio
These are my favo links ;-)


A 100Hz cable is a marketing gimic that serves no purpose. A 100Hz TV works on the same television signal as a 50Hz TV. 100Hz has nothing to do with the signal that travels along the cable.

Once the received television signal is demodulated the TV then displays each frame twice in an attempt to reduce/remove flicker. This is where the 100Hz comes in. The downside is that some people can perceive jerky movement.

Just make sure the cable you select is the correct impedance and has a low attenuation figure. Cables cant make a signal better, only worse through antennuation.


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it that 100hz cable malarkey worked,you'd also need too change the cable from the aerial to the wall socket too,and make it 100hz lol

wouldnt bother myself



You can say its marketing rubbish about a lot of things just two examples
.My ears listen in analogue but i dont complain about digital sound written on products rather than digital processing or digitaly recorded then converted to analogue so you can hear it(bit long i suppose to stick on the front of a cd player or pair of headphones.)how many pairs of headphones have you seen with digital written on them?!
what about dolby pro logic or nicam video tapes(TDK blank tapes had ideal for nicam written on them).There is no such thing .you record the nicam as a stereo signal its not nicam on the tape its stereo .same with pro logic written on video cases the tape is not pro logic .prologic is a decoding technology its recorded in dolby stereo (with certain signals out of phase)to be pedantic and the pro logic chips works out what to do do with those stereo signals.This sort of stuff has and will go on for years

But to me 100Hz aerial cable is taking this a bit far but to be fair to the retailer if you click on the original posters link the 100hz only appears on the initial description as a small line and if you click on more info it doesnt mention the 100Hz or blag that its essential for 100Hz sets.

I guess technical inaccuracy in these forums is like a red rag to a bull (i know bulls are colour blind and cant tell if its red or not):D

Nic Rhodes

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Any forum should correct ANY technical inaccuracies no matter how small, it is the ONLY way to learn. If it is rubbish, just say it is rubbish and say all the other things are rubbish as well. If we let them pass they become 'common usage' and meaningless


i agree completely,
It may seem like petty nit picking but:
For Consumers who read these forums it will open their eyes to the true facts, No one would refuse to buy this cable because of what we've said just ignore that one reason they should buy it.
And from a salesperson perspective, If you believed 100Hz aeriel cable was useful and said this to customers you aren't doing them any favours, So appearing here will educate those who should know just in case they had been misinformed.
You should always sell the benefits not the features (Whether the feature is a crock of s**t or not!)

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