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100Hz/120Hz - why does it make movies look like TV shows?

richard plumb

Distinguished Member
spent some time in Currys this afternoon trying to see a Toshiba ZF. They didn't have any, but had a 40" Samsung series 6 next to a 40" Toshiba XF, both running blurays. The Toshiba was a little juddery, and the samsung was VERY smooth. It says it has 100Hz motion blah blah.

It was playing Happy Feet and I asked the shop guy to swap it over to Ocean's 11/12/13/something which was playing on the Toshiba. That made the smoothing even more obvious. It wasn't like being at the cinema, it made it look like everything had been shot on video. Not sure I like the effect at all

So, are there different kinds of motion filtering gubbins? On something like the Z series Toshibas with 120Hz and 5:5 pulldown, will it look more filmic or still like watching a soap opera?

richard plumb

Distinguished Member

I'm trying to understand whether 100Hz or other motion smoothing technology should be high on my shopping list or not.


Prominent Member
Richard, I would say that running the 100hz mode on film / movie content is least desireable of all different types of content. The 100hz mode is excellent for video games, and also good for sports programmes. However, the 100hz mode IMO looks superb on animated films such as Ratatouille.


Prominent Member
I think 100Hz looks pretty shoddy on anything to be honest. If you don't like the effect it has, then don't put it on your shopping list!
i'm getting a philips 7603 which has hd natural motion, does exactly the same thing as this 100hz stuff. When its on movies they tend to look like a cheap american soap opera or similar, i cant work out if its because they look tooo good or something. It looks good with games, but when it comes to movies i dont know if i can get used to it


Standard Member
When I got my first Philips PF973 I had the same worries, but after adjusting the sharpness levels and my eyes adjusting to the new picture I couldn't be more happy. Had my tv over a year now and Im still amazed at the picture quality.. and so are all my friends... give it a chance! :smashin:


Established Member
with the philips range you have active control option, you must have the HDNM set to min and active control on.. this varies the image speed dependant on sourse and type. you can also switch demo mode on the aurea and 9632d.. with active control, and min HDNM+100hz the motion compensation is rarely above 17% but it add the fluidity without the 'live cam' effect :thumbsup: .. it ups its game for side scrolls to about 70% so everything is clear.
the advantage of active control is that it reduces motion artifacts to almost zero. best on the market at the moment.

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