$1000 budget. What should I upgrade?


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I currently have:

Pioneer Andrew Jones:
  • (2) SP-FS52 Floor-standing Loudspeakers
  • (2) SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Loudspeakers
  • (1) SP-C22 Center-Channel Speaker
  • (1) SW-8MK2 Powered Subwoofer

  • Sony STR DN 1050
  • JVC DLA X35
My money is wrapped up in Best Buy rewards unfortunately; so this will limit what is available to for me, but I do have about $300-$400 I could swing out of rewards from other credit cards and selling some items, to use anyway I want.

Currently, I am on the hunt for a 140" screen (I currently project 140" 16:9), but I have already set aside money for that. Currently I am projecting on to a slanted ceiling. Which isn't ideal, but is not terrible due to the performance of the x35 and a non-textured ceiling.

I like to watch all kinds of movies, mostly big blockbuster movies.

I think upgrading the sub is the route I need to go. I have also thought about upgrading for Atmos or adding two more speakers to my current set up, but I feel like this current set up doesn't feel full and as immersive as I wish it would be. Maybe even some seat shakers... I wanted advice before I drop a grand.

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That center channel haven´t got much of love if judging the feedback from owners at AVSForum (US). I think it`s one of the most hated one what i remember. :laugh: I would swap it at some point as there is ton of better options for ~400$. Keep in mind that center channel covers like 70% of the movies soundtrack making it most active speaker in your system so get a good one and decent sized one if you can fit it with the massive screen! You have independence day coming in few weeks there in US, it usually means some sales and Monoprice has those often! To give you good example which would have "similar vibes" to your FS-52 as the cab is rounded and finish not that far away, the Monolith 365C THX Ultra. Naturally it`s in different league to C22 in every way (build & sound quality with greater dynamics etc). If you are up for mixing brands now and/or updating mains later then have a look. I think they have 30day return period too. There is many reviews for the 365 based systems if you google. The other Andrew Jones speakers are really decent and the FS-52 look fairly large so it would be nice to have some meaty centre with them! Everyone would most likely say the same for you, upgrade the center channel before you start to think the atmos route so that you have good 5.1 set first!

Definitely subwoofer first though as the SW8 is letting your system down big time. You have few options in Best Buy with SVS. As you have 140" screen can we assume your room is fairly large? +/- 3000cuft?

As you like to watch big blockbuster movies and if you do confirm your room is not small then consider PB1000 Pro or PB/PC (=cylinder) 2000 Pro. All of these will be night and day different to that toy SW8 you have there. SVS is one of the most known subwoofer manufacturer and perhaps the only wise choice buying from Best Buy. The question is can you fit the large black box there and have decent placement. Corner is usually what most manufacturers recommend to start with, but your receiver doesn´t correct the room response for the sub so you have to try few spots and running the Sony mic setup each time. Typically you would try front corner (furthest from any opening), and the front wall 1/4 to 1/3 width if these are possible. Nearfield may work great too with even more impact, but having one sub either side it can locate bit too easily.

SVS subwoofers are phone app controlled, easy to setup. 5year amp warranty and they have one of the best if not best customer service/support with daily chat on their site and email support nearly 365days year even weekends we have got replies. I would have wanted to buy the sub directly from them, but you can´t so you won`t get certain benefits (upgrade programme etc). Still it´s nice to see such high quality products at BestBuy cause typically similar shops have overpriced hifi subs mostly.

Main site: Home Audio Speakers, Subwoofers and Cables | SVS

Tell us what you think of these and which of those intrests you most? If they are too large then there is few other options still, although you won´t get similar physical sensation if you have to go lot smaller. Intrested to hear how large room you have there and does it have openings.


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@Gasp3621 thank you for all of the great information. There should be no problem fitting a large sub, but I feel like the shape of the room may hinder the sound. Perhaps nearfield would be best for placement. I will need to measure the space when I get the chance. Unfortunately, it is fairly large and oddly shaped with a stair case coming up three quarters to the back of the viewing area. The room looks like a long octagon was cut in half, made lopsided and a corner chunk is taken away from that. I will try to get a better estimate on it though when I get the chance.


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@Gasp3621 So you wouldn't recommend getting 2 subs over one larger sub?

You could afford SVS SB1000 Pro x2 with your budget (1200$). That means the small sealed units. Of course they have benefits when placed optimally and that could mean placing them further apart at different walls & sides of room. Sadly your receiver is quite limited regarding setting dual subs optimally unless you place them equidistant from listener. But does that give you best response then is question mark. Also as you mentioned the room is large and open with stairs etc. plus you also mentioned you like big blockbuster movies so i would lean more toward the larger models cause you are going to get lot more tactile feel/rumble assuming you are after that kind of stuff. The sealed units are quite capable in the mid-bass region, but if you want higher output to feel the deep stuff then you going to need larger boxes and here is where the PB shines more. The difference is easily heard as the PB play deeper and louder. It´s more ideal for large open space as you don`t get much help from room (gain). However if you feel you can`t fit two of those PB subs in long run then you should consider the dual SB route nearfield each side of couch example.



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@Gasp3621 The room is roughly in the ball park of 4000 cubic feet.

Yep. I would pick PB1000 Pro (plan for 2 in long run perhaps) as minium without doubt as it`s more capable and fun with the action/scifi flicks that you like to watch. If you are worried of the size check some youtube clips so you get better idea and read the article below. The next model PB/PC2000 Pro can play some region louder and with lower distortion. Slightly larger cab, beefier driver, more power etc.

" The PB-1000 Pro earns a 'Large Room' Bassaholic rating which indicates that it should be adequate for a room of 3,000 cubic feet to 5,000 cubic feet, and the SB-1000 Pro earns a 'Medium Room' rating, indicating it should be adequate for a room of 1,500 cubic feet to 3,000 cubic feet. "

Ported (PB) vs. Sealed (SB):


The result is 2-4X more peak dynamic output in the 18-36 Hz octave as compared to a sealed subwoofer in the same family/price range. This makes the larger ported SVS subs a natural choice for system applications with larger rooms (where less room gain is present) and reference-level playback levels, particularly on demanding Blu-ray action and sci-fi movies with demanding LFE tracks.

Simply put, if you want the most room-energizing, gut-punching, floor-trembling cinematic experience possible, a ported subwoofer will deliver greater dynamic output at the lowest frequencies vs. comparable sealed models.

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