100 new games before xmas???


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I doubt it. Maybe half that. 100 seems steep.


chrislad said:
I doubt it. Maybe half that. 100 seems steep.
Me too, i'd bet anything on there not being 100 games in total this christmas nevermind 100 new games, and even if there are that many places like game won't have all of them and get more shelf space for ps3.


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Munkey Boy said:
Hmmm.... Going off the release list at ToTheGame it says 43 released so far, 29 with confirmed dates before Xmas and 21 dates listed as Q4 2006. Not quite 100 in total.
Not bad really though if you think about it, almost 100 titles within the first year. I mean not when you consider we don't have many absolute stinkers around yet, even the less popular titles are enjoyed by a reasnonable amount of people I think.

I'm pretty sure the PS2 had loads of awful titles available after 12 months.

Munkey Boy

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No, you're quite right when you put it like that. Can't complain about 8-9 games a month on average so early in a system's life, with the first real killer titles due in the next 3 months.

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I believe Microsoft include the LIVE Arcade games as well

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