10 Sharp P50s stolen


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Reading the local Nottingham evening paper last night and there was a report about a buglary at a soon to be opened 4 star Hotel where the thieves made of with 10 LCD screens worth £10,000 and by the looks of the picture they seem to be the Sharp LC37P50E model. So anyone being offered one off the back of a lorry at a very reasonable price beware.

The main point about the article was that these screens would in fact be useless to anyone other than the hotel because they were somehow encrypted and could only recieve the hotel's own TV cable feed. Is this possibe, surely if they were the standard model then anyone could use them, even if were just to connect up a DVD or something.

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A lot of sets that I have worked on lately have had a "Hotel Mode" in the service that could be used to control various features so presumably this could include only allowing the RF input to work. I guess it is also possible that some of the RF reception parameters could be changed to make them work with the snazzy systems that you get in hotels!

Probably wouldn't be too hard to reset at display configured in this mode but an interesting feature none the less which shows just how important the firmware on modern displays actually is.


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