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10 room home audio system

Tim Amphlett

Novice Member
Hi avforums,

I'm new to this forum and quite new to speaker and amp configurations but I'm hoping somebody can offer me some advice.

I've just moved into a new house that has an adastra (952.537UK) dual voice coil stereo ceiling speaker wired into every room (10 speakers). Each speaker has 2x8 Ohms driver impedance (8 Ohms per channel) The wiring from each speaker runs to a central location under the stairs.

However, there is only 10 sets of speaker wire, each set having 1 positive and 1 negative wire, since each speaker carries 2 channels there should be 20 sets of speaker cables (this is my understanding). So I opened a couple of the speakers to view how they'd been wired and I found that the 2 channels in each speaker have been wired together, 1 positive wire going to both positive terminals and 1 negative wire going to both negative terminals, then running back to the central location under the stairs, I can only imagine that the builders wired them incorrectly.

In order to get the speakers working I imagine I'll need an amp and an impedance matching speaker selector box that is capable of running 10 pairs of speakers. But since each speaker is now only capable of carrying one channel, not two, I'm going to have to bridge the wiring for each to have them play in mono, or have just one channel in each room (so in effect running 5 speaker pairs), but I really don't want to have just one channel in each room.

Can anyone advise me on this, such as an alternative solution (other than a complete rewire). Or if there is no alternative then will an amp and impedance matching selector be able to handle this? will bridging 10 times damage the amp due to decreased impedance? Can anyone suggest an amp and selector that will work for this?

I should mention that I'm not planning to have all 10 rooms playing music at once, I'll probably never have more than 2 or 3 at a time but I want to be able to switch between them easily.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Tim Amphlett


Distinguished Member
If you want the full sound track to each speaker then going to need to add further wires to each speaker. Either that or you are going to have to get some stereo to mono convertors so that you can blend the 2 channels together at the amp end and then send this via the single cable to the speaker.
Since it's a new house, why not just ask the builders to do the job properly !

They should be able to use the incorrect 2-core cable as a draw-wire to pull through the correct 4-core cable to each speaker location.

Tim Amphlett

Novice Member
Unfortunately it's not a new house, it's just new to me. It's an old house that's been renovated recently, it's sold as seen with no warranty. So I can't get the builders to correct the issue, at least not for free anyway.

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